World premiere opening…TONIGHT!

Posted by    |    June 17th, 2011 at 7:27 pm

Dallas Children’s Theater does it again.  And by “it” I mean their uncanny ability to orchestrate top-quality productions cast with professional (union) actors, staged amidst highly complex, in-house set designs crafted by magicians which are destined to transport you into a imaginary world of knock-your-socks-off entertainment that will keep both you and your kids engaged for 90 minutes of fun.  WHEW! That was a long sentence. Oh and the part about magicians….I can’t technically prove that little tidbit of info – but once you see a wonderland of imagination on DCT’s stage, you’ll believe it too.

But for now, let’s stick with the facts, which are listed below.

#1 TONIGHT is opening night of Dallas Children’s Theater’s World Premier of  The Pied Piper’s Magic!   #2 Steven Kellogg, beloved storyteller and illustrator, will be signing books in the lobby tonight at 7:00 pm and tomorrow at 1:00 pm.  #3 Tickets  for both these shows (with pre-show book signings) are going fast so get them online NOW while they’re hot (and available!) #4 Kids like to do cool stuff.  #5 Parents enjoy letting someone else entertain their kids every once in a while…especially when it’s by something they find entertaining as well.  #6 Dallas Children’s Theater brilliantly takes care of #4 and #5!

Yes, number 7 is, in fact, a fact.  For proof, just go see for yourself!