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Be Afraid, Lakewood. Oncor’s a Comin’

Posted by    |    June 26th, 2010 at 1:23 am

One of Lakewood’s best qualities is its trees. Not the scrawny things planted every 12 feet in some barren subdivision, but giant, looming, majestic elms and oaks that hover like a protective canopy high above the neighborhood. Look up, my son, and marvel. Last week, tree huggers across the community felt a collective shiver as the bright green door tags from Oncor appeared. These signal that tree-trimming season is upon us. This is ominous as the Oncor tree barbers are notorious for cutting a mean fade, as in, carving some seriously ragged, ugly patterns into your treescape.

Feeling the sting of criticism from past arboreal sins, the company set up a pilot program for parts of Lakewood wherein an Oncor rep will meet with you and discuss the option of hiring a “Tree Maintenance Specialist” to do the trimming instead of the usual tree-cutters. Of course, this option will cost you money. In any case, you still have to abide by the seven-foot setback rule, so prepare to see your trees shaved down significantly.