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High 4 or High 5 or High 8?

Posted by    |    September 11th, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Pick it people!Frisco 121 Interchange

I live off of Spring Creek between the North Dallas Tollroad and the Sam Rayburn Tollway (formally known as Highway 121).  I never thought that before I left my house I would have to check what lanes are open in which directions, but I do.

There is an enormous interchange project taking place at the crossroads of the North Dallas Tollroad and the Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Is it needed? Absolutely.  Is it annoying?  Absolutely.

The growth here is exploding causing way too many cars especially on the weekends.  I remember one day it taking us 30 minutes at the light Eastbound on the service road of the Sam Rayburn Tollway at the North
Dallas Tollroad.

My main point is what is the name?  I have heard, “The Collin Connector” or “The High 4” (after the famous Dallas
interchange at 635 and Highway 75)  I would like to nominate “The High 8”.  The reason why is if you look at the map on NTTA
it looks like a spider hence the name “The High 8”, because there are 8 connecting bridges.

North Dallas Tollroad

Tolls on both new ramps for a passenger car with two axles will be 22 cents for TollTag customers and 44 cents for ZipCash customers until the toll rate increased on July 1, which the rates went up from 23 and 45 cents, respectively. Toll rates are higher for vehicles with additional axles.

The five-level interchange is expected to be ready for traffic in January 2012.  But who knows, the earlier the better for me!