Richwoods Development in Frisco plans to build $10 Million dollar amenity center

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It never happens in new construction in North Texas, but in June of 2012 in Frisco . . . jaws will drop.

The hottest community in DFW, Richwoods in Frisco, plans to build an amenity center before they start the second set of homes! This is another reason that explains the pent up demand for the location and record breaking sales for Landon Homes in 2012.

The community is located north of 121 in Frisco between Coit and Independence. Roger Lawler, former owner of the Lawler Tract that consists of over 800 total acrea, decided that after he handled his dispute in the courts over a contract gone bad to let it go. And John Landon was the fortunate man to take on the project with his development company Landon Development.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with John, lets just say Meritage Homes. He was responsible for taking the company public and in the past couple years went out on his own and started Landon Homes.

Now back to the Amenity Center. The reason I gave you a little background on John Landon is because he is responsible for the idea of erecting the amenity center in the beginning.

Most developers wait until the very last second to take on the amenity center because other than the acquisition of the land is next in line when you look at all of the costs.  Mr. Landon is doing it right!

The amenity center is positioned on the eastern side of the Richwoods development in Frisco.  The main gate off of Independence will dead end at the front doors.  So now let’s talk about the highlights of this soon to be, best amenity center in DFW!

All of this is from what is planned of the amenity center, it is not guaranteed.  The front will have a circle drop off on cobblestone to a massive building encompassing around 8,000-12,000 square feet.  4,000 of it will be an entire wellness and work-out facility with top notch machines that will allow residents to cancel their gym memberships and be able to save that extra expense and include a pilates room and serinity space.  There will also be an area that can be rented for private events at a reasonable expense that has both indoor and outdoor seating.  The patio will be overlooking the most amazing water feature that Frisco has ever seen!  Kiddos will be happy to know that there will be slides and spray equiptment along with a childrens playground nearby.

It is going to be the place to live in Frisco for the next 10-15 yeaars, maybe more.  Richwoods frisco builders are also top notch!

If you would have an interest in touring the location or would like ot know more about the Richwoods Rebate Program please call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.  Or for the most up to date updates on Richwoods, Lawler Park or Phillips Creek Ranch visit Update Frisco today!

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    No disrespect intended to the writer of this article, however there are several glaring spelling errors that need to be corrected.