Lawler Park in Frisco: Timing is Ideal

Posted by    |    December 15th, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Lawler Park in Frisco is on an exceptional timeline to be extremely successful and profitable in 2012. I am not surprised at all though.

The developer Warren Clark Development is very well known in North Texas real estate. The owners are Warren and Dale Clark. They have created numerous, beautiful new home communities in the past 50 years that the pickiest of buyers couldn’t say no.

Does Cobb Hill in Frisco, Coventry Manor in Southlake or Whitley Place in Prosper ring a bell? They are all the end result of a Warren Clark Development.

Not only does the Lawler Park have a tremendous advantage over other communities their timing is perfect. Right now they are laying utilities and plan to begin paving roads in the next couple weeks, right on schedule.

The Community directly South of Lawler, Richwoods, are almost in a identical situation but will be selling in the beginning of 2012. This is one of the reasons why Lawler Park will be so successful. Richwood’s will be selling and building throughout 2012 which will bring a tremendous amount of traffic with the budget for marketing I am predicting from Landon Development.

This overflow of potential new buyers will notice and be informed that Lawler Park will be ready to go in late 2012. This will most definitely cause many buyers that had plans on being a Richwood’s resident to convert to being a Lawler resident.

On top of the marketing for the Richwoods Development, Lawler Parks timing will have a very big advantage with the higher end new homes in the South East Frisco location. Again, another spillover from the Richwood’s Community. Darling Homes and Highland Homes are currently committed but knowing Warren Clark Development, I am sure a couple smaller custom builders will join.

Warren Clark Development has hit a ton of homeruns in the past 50 years and I would put their company up to any other developer in North Texas as the best from a completion and quality perspective.

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-Brad Holden is a Real Estate Expert in Frisco for Holden New Homes focusing primarily on Richwoods, Austin Ridge, The Arbor at Lawler Park, The Crossing at Arbor Park and Craig Ranch. Brad also has a Real Estate Channel on YouPlusDallas where both New Homes and Communities are featured.

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