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KLIF and the Kennedy Assassination

Posted by    |    November 22nd, 2012 at 12:35 pm

David Von Pein did a nice job of creating a place to house 3+ hours of audio footage from Dallas, Texas, radio station KLIF, beginning at 11:30 AM (CST) on Friday, November 22, 1963, one hour before U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in downtown Dallas.  You+Media’s headquarters is located in the old KLIF studios at 2130 Commerce, so we have a particular interest in this topic.

We linked to several of the files.  You can get the rest on You Tube.

Part One goes into some background on the general sentiment of Texans, where Kennedy was not as popular.  They talk about security and how a few weeks prior, Adlai Stevenson received a fairly rough reception in Dallas.

Part Six is part regular radio broadcasting and then the first bulletin comes across the wire at the 1:44 minute mark where they break into the regular broadcast to announce that three shots had been fired at the motorcade.  The next news brief comes at the 5:36 mark where they mention someone might be wounded and the motorcade has arrived at Parkland Hospital.  At the 8:41, Joe Long reports a Code 3 and they talk about a white male and the rifle.

Part Eight:  Joe Long at the 3:14 mark reports about the Texas Book Store Depository and how they have sealed off the building looking for a would-be Presidential assassin.  Gary De Laune comes on the air at the 5:35 and says that both had been “cut down”.  Joe Long says unconfirmed reports Governor Connally and President Kennedy were wounded.  Gordon McClendon, an iconic radio man, reports from the Trade Mart at the 9:54 mark.

Part Nine.

Part Ten.

Part Eleven

One more: