Santas gone Wild! Is Dallas ready for this?

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As a resident of Dallas what do you think of when you think of Santa? Besides the obvious magical superhero who sneaks down your chimney and delivers presents, it probably involves hoards of hyperactive children in North Park mall crowded around a guy in a Santa suit, impatiently waiting to sit on his knee and tell him their Christmas wishes. Or maybe you think of those creepy giant inflatable lawn Santas that seem to be so popular now. If either of these scenarios are what come to your mind when you think of Santa then I think it’s time Dallas changed  how it experiences Santa. I say we start with Santacon, which Dallas actually participated in for the first time this year. So what is Santacon?

Well Santacon is where a big group of people dressed up like Santa get together and go on a giant bar crawl through the city, and the whole group has to stick together as you go from bar to bar creating what you might call a joyful and surreal moment for on lookers. Why should Dallas adopt this tradition and partake in it annually? BECAUSE IT’S FUN! Just check out the footage from this years Santacon in New York.

Plus, as you can see from the video, you don’t have to just stick to a traditional Santa get up, you can let your Christmas imagination go wild!


Imagine, a giant gang of sugar plumb fairies, Santas, reindeer, sexy elves and walking christmas trees running around together in Uptown and Fair Park inspiring shock, awe and of course Christmas cheer. I’m going to assume that at this point you, like me, are convinced that Santacon is something that needs to be a part of Dallas’ Christmas every year, so how do we make that happen?

1. First thing we need to do is make Dallas Santacon grow because when it comes to Santacon bigger is better and more fun. A social media outlet needs to be set up to gather all the Santas together and help them coordinate where they’re going to meet and where they’re going to go. This will also help spread the news about what’s going on and encourage more and more people to participate.

2. Start points need to be set and instead going from bar to bar there should be certain zones in various neighborhoods established where all the Santas can congregate. For example, starting in Downtown, galloping along to  Victory, and finishing in Uptown. It would also help if the open container laws in the established zones could be relaxed just a little. I promise to walk and cab it!

3. Finally since this would be Santacon in Dallas we need to find a way to put our city’s stamp on it. What could we do to make this the Santacon everyone wants to be a part of? We could end it with a big concert, do a city wide scavenger hunt, have a contest for best real Santa beard, a cookies and milk food challenge , what Santa can bring the most “reindeer” or any number of crazy things.

It’s time Dallas got Santa out of the mall and into the streets for a holiday celebration that gives people an excuse to cut loose from the mundane holiday responsibilities and let’s everyone’s Christmas spirit go wild.

We apologize in advance for any children that see Santa going crazy in Dallas next year.


Holiday at the Center: A Site to See

Posted by    |    November 28th, 2012 at 11:37 am

holiday at the center dallasOf all the Christmas lighting ceremonies in Dallas, this one has the most promise for being absolutely spectacular. The third annual Holiday at the Center Tree Lighting Festival on Friday, November 30 will kick off a month of activities at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Hosted by KLUV-FM personality Jody Dean, the evening features the Dallas String Quartet, the Jaime Reyes Trio, Denise Lee, visual artist Rolando Diaz, and other local performance groups as well as a life-size snow globe, ice-skating rink, craft booths, free pictures with Santa, food trucks and more.

Why do I suspect that this will be the tree lighting ceremony to end all lighting ceremonies? The special performance from Cirque Dreams Holidaze, that’s why. I’ve always had a soft spot for anything Cirque. If I could just have a tenth of their talent… The Broadway hit will hit the Center December 28 through the 23 as a part of the Lexus Broadway Series, but attendees will be able to get a taste for the show this Friday.

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Ditch Lunch at Your Desk for a Walk to the Park

Posted by    |    November 27th, 2012 at 11:40 am

klyde warren parkDitch the Lean Cuisine this Friday in lieu of a walk in the park, Klyde Warren Park. In order to mobilize Downtown Dallas, downtown employers are encouraging their employees to take a long lunch and walk together to enjoy the new urban park on Friday, November 30th.

Bask in the glow of Dallas’ newest pride and joy and enjoy tons of free activities. Partake in a little Mah Jong, Croquet, or Ping Pong or work off your luncheon calories with Bikram Yoga or a Fitness Happy Hour. Take your pick from the food trucks that will line the park as you jam out to a free concert presented by Guide Live featuring King Bucks and Larry g(EE).

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KLIF and the Kennedy Assassination

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David Von Pein did a nice job of creating a place to house 3+ hours of audio footage from Dallas, Texas, radio station KLIF, beginning at 11:30 AM (CST) on Friday, November 22, 1963, one hour before U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in downtown Dallas.  You+Media’s headquarters is located in the old KLIF studios at 2130 Commerce, so we have a particular interest in this topic.

We linked to several of the files.  You can get the rest on You Tube.

Part One goes into some background on the general sentiment of Texans, where Kennedy was not as popular.  They talk about security and how a few weeks prior, Adlai Stevenson received a fairly rough reception in Dallas.

Part Six is part regular radio broadcasting and then the first bulletin comes across the wire at the 1:44 minute mark where they break into the regular broadcast to announce that three shots had been fired at the motorcade.  The next news brief comes at the 5:36 mark where they mention someone might be wounded and the motorcade has arrived at Parkland Hospital.  At the 8:41, Joe Long reports a Code 3 and they talk about a white male and the rifle.

Part Eight:  Joe Long at the 3:14 mark reports about the Texas Book Store Depository and how they have sealed off the building looking for a would-be Presidential assassin.  Gary De Laune comes on the air at the 5:35 and says that both had been “cut down”.  Joe Long says unconfirmed reports Governor Connally and President Kennedy were wounded.  Gordon McClendon, an iconic radio man, reports from the Trade Mart at the 9:54 mark.

Part Nine.

Part Ten.

Part Eleven

One more:

The 2012 YMCA Turkey Trot

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For some, Thanksgiving is a day for family and stuffing your belly to the absolute brim. For others, having a completely stuffed tummy is not an option: they have a trot to trot. A turkey trot, that is.

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View Me Through the Lens of Surveillance Cameras

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If we edited a video together using video footage from downtown Dallas video surveillance cameras, what would we find?  Take a look at this video and what you will find is that it may have been sponsored by Coca Cola.  See one of the responses below from the website that showcased this video.

“What I’m trying to get it is the main point of advertising is to associate happiness with their product. Coke has been doing this for years. Go look up the GTA Coca Cola ad on YouTube, there’s a great example.

Notice in the beginning of the video, the tiles are on a red background with white lettering, same as the brand logo. Your comment talks about how “we live in a world full of product. You see names EVERYDAY”

Except this video we’re talking about shows ZERO products for ANYTHING else throughout the entire video. Throughout the video, you see many WONDERFUL human interactions. And until the very end, the last raw footage of security cam footage shows two individuals buying and sharing a bottle of Coke; from the first of “many” products you’re talking about, and it’s a Coca Cola machine, bright red contrasted with the background, dead pan in the center. You can’t miss it! “

Dallas City Lights Returns Saturday, November 17

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Now that we’ve finally broken free of the bizarre 80-degree weather, it’s time to focus on more important matters. Downtown Dallas Inc., the City of Dallas and their partners present City Lights opening on Saturday, November 17.

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