Vampire 5K 4.26.13: Will you be the hunter or the hunted?

Posted by    |    April 24th, 2013 at 3:22 pm

logo-full-hiresHave you ever wanted to test your horror survival skill, just in case you ever found yourself being run down by a blood sucking-vampire? Or what if you found yourself suddenly transformed into a blood-sucking vampire, would you be able run down enough prey to keep yourself fed?  Well the Vampire 5k, happening this weekend in Fair Park,  is the perfect place to see how you would fair on either side of good 0r evil.

What is it and how does it work?

The Vampire 5k is no ordinary 5k race where you’re competing for better time or first or second place; no here you’re competing for survival! Each participant chooses to either run as a vampire or as a citizen (when making the decision ask yourself, “do I only run when I’m being chased or do I love the thrill of the chase?) or you can sign up with multiple people and create either a clan (vampires) or a group (citizens). The day of the “race,” vampires must wear all black and citizens must wear all white with each team starting at two separate locations. The course will converge at an unknown distance and after that the chase is on! Citizens will be wearing two flags both of which the vampires must snatch from the citizens in order to turn them into fellow blood suckers. All of this will be made more intense by the zones of red powder and fog and other surprises along the course.

At the finish line there will be prizes for the Vampire who “transforms” the most citizens (collects the most flags), the fastest Citizen who makes it through without any flags taken, the best “old school vampire”, the best “modern vampire (think Twilight or True Blood), and more!

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After all the adrenaline has worn off vampires and citizens are invited to get together for an after party to die for with red drinks, music and dancing! The race starts at dusk and doesn’t end until moonrise. Follow the link for more information on registration and a copy of the course map.

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