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Main Street Garden Creates Urban Oasis

Posted by    |    June 6th, 2012 at 3:29 pm

When the midday sun beats down upon Downtown, those searching for some respite from the unrelenting heat need look no further than the Main Street Garden. Sandwiched between Main, Harwood, Commerce and St. Paul streets, the park was constructed as part of Downtown Dallas Inc.’s efforts to bring about a renaissance of the Metroplex’s urban core. Their goal is to make Downtown a place where people can both work and live, and doing so requires bringing more people into the neighborhood outside of the normal business hours.

The Main Street Garden is highly conducive to their aspirations. The large open grass space in the middle is great for public gatherings and performances and there is a dog run for urban pet owners to give their canines some much-needed exercise. Those worried about being off the grid for too long need worry not: there are numerous WiFi hotspots for you to connect to, allowing anyone to take their work outside for a while.

The only thing the park seems to be missing is people. When I walked by on a Tuesday morning a little before lunchtime, the park was almost entirely devoid of life. People of Downtown, come out from your artificially lit offices and enjoy some fresh air in this urban oasis!