Omni Grand Opening Experience Continues at Southfork Ranch

Posted by    |    April 27th, 2012 at 5:12 pm

As we mentioned yesterday, the Omni Dallas Hotel is currently hosting their Grand Opening Experience Event for meeting planners from all over the country. The event takes place over a few days’ time in order for planners to get to know the area as they would if they were holding a meeting of their own in Dallas.

The Omni strives to make each hotel authentic to its location. The goal of Omni Dallas was for guests to enter a specific hotel and have a clear indication of the city in which they are staying. As such, the theme of this weekend’s event is “Definitely Dallas!”.

When Omni Dallas began touring the hotel, the immediate reaction of spectators upon seeing the décor was “this is “Definitely Dallas.” It has the glitz, the glamour and the sophistication of Dallas, as well as a natural aesthetic. The Omni embodies all that Dallas has to offer, and so stuck the slogan.

Today, attendees had the option to attend a tour of Texas Motor Speedway, Cowboys Stadium, or Southfork Ranch, where the hit television show Dallas was filmed, and star Larry Hagman would be taking photographs with fans of the show. There are so many incredible activities to choose from in Dallas, but the Omni felt as though these three activities were pertinent for meeting planners to experience in order to become fully familiar with Dallas as a destination city.

Dallas is known for being a sports town. The Omni utilized its strong partnerships with the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Motor Speedway in order to show meeting planners the ultimate Dallas experience.

In addition to being involved with Dallas sports, Omni Dallas is a sponsor of the Dallas television show, which is returning to television on TNT this June 13. Dallas is bringing back the old Southern glitz and glamour feel, which immediately ties in with the Omni experience.

At Southfork Ranch, media planners toured the on campus museum and rode horses – a true Texas experience. Meeting planner Teresa Meyers, a resident of Maryland, had only been to the DFW airport once before this trip to Dallas, and enjoyed her day by watching horses trot around Southfork. “We had a wonderful time at the Omni last night,” she said of her experience thus far.

“I grew up watching Dallas,” Meyers said during her time at Southfork Ranch. She chose this activity because of her love of the popular television drama. “I think it’s cool that we have Mr. Hagman here today, oh my gosh!” she gushed over Larry Hagman, who played the vile character J.R. Ewing on Dallas.

Tomorrow’s afternoon activities for meeting planners include a tour of the Old American Golf Club, a Downtown Dallas tour, and a shopping excursion, among other choices. “I spoke to some people last night, I think we’re going to go to the Arboretum, but my husband would like to check out the Sixth Floor Museum,” Meyers said of her upcoming Saturday activity.

This evening, Meeting planners will attend an event entitled “Dallas Double Take” at Fountain Plaza followed by a late night party at Omni Dallas Restaurant Texas Spice before gearing up for another exciting day at a luxurious hotel that is “Definitely Dallas!”

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