Celebrating the Historic West End

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MasonBaronet is hosting a wealth of influential Dallasites on this cool Thursday evening in the West End. Attendees are mingling in their suits and fashionable Fall attire, and a recording of the Booker T. Washington Jazz Ensemble can be heard over the intellectual chatter. White candles decorate the office, giving it a swanky atmosphere that parallels the vibe of the vibrant West End, which is the main reason we’ve gathered here tonight: to hear John Crawford and Mayor Tom Leppert discuss the growth of this cool Dallas neighborhood.

Dallas is in a good place (minus the Cowboys tragic 1-6 record, and the current state of Romo’s clavicle). “We are excited about what’s going on in our city…we’re excited that the Rangers made it to the World Series, and that the Superbowl is coming,” said Chris Phelps, Vice President of MasonBaronet, “…it is a good time to live and do business in Downtown Dallas.”

John Crawford, President and CEO of Downtown Dallas, shared his thoughts about the West End. He recognized Deputy Chief Michael Genovesi, for “making a difference in public safety,” and noted that we are “very fortunate to have the support of DPD…crime stats are 33% less than this time last year”.

Crawford mentioned that some of the restaurants in the West End are some of the longest-standing businesses in Dallas. He spoke of the Old Red Museum, the Sixth Floor Museum, and Dealey Plaza, now a national destination and the second biggest tourist attraction in the state of Texas, next to the Alamo. The west end is “alive and thriving” and Crawford’s saying is, “as goes Downtown, so goes Dallas”.

“Mayor [Tom Leppert is] thinking ahead – he’s leading the way for the continued growth and development of Downtown,” said Crawford as he introduced the Mayor. Leppert talked about one of the West End’s biggest assets: It’s location. “I can’t think of another city that has as many investments, focused on specific areas of the town.” He spoke of development pieces coming to the West End, bringing visitors, and engaging residents. Attendees were told to expect to see movement in the area at Victory Park over the next few months, and that he is optimistic about the West End. “People make the difference,” he said, “and in Dallas, we are awful fortunate…there is no better place to be in the world than right here in Dallas.”

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