Euforia: Under the Arches

Posted by    |    October 15th, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Last night, You+Dallas hosted a plethora of talent under its arches. The near-century old downtown building on Commerce Street is constructed with archways and normally provides as an awning for parking. The bright minds at Y+D converted the cement space into an outdoor performance venue for emcee Drew Waters, fine artist Rolando Diaz, and piano composer Seth Simmons. Guests of Euforia arrived at 6:30PM for wine and hors d’oeuvres, and took their seats under the arches as Drew stepped up to the mic to introduce his talented, long time friends. Really it’s difficult not to swoon when the man looks at you. Or utters words.

The Friday Night Lights actor spoke of Seth’s miracle hands having the potential to cure a woman’s acne with a single touch (to which the musician blushed and laughed as he shook his head). He spoke of knowing Ro for many years, and having a hard time making plans with the good-hearted man because he is so busy with mission trips and giving back to charity. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a group of better dressed (or better looking) men than these three. And I dare any of you to find me a group of men who are (but if you do, please leave their phone numbers in the comments section).

Seth sat down on his leather life force as Ro plucked his first paintbrush from his artistic bouquet, and the smell of oil paint diffused in the night air. The artist held his palette in his left hand and conducted his talent across a blank canvas, starting with a dark background and worked his way through a band of color as the sounds of the city surrounded.

Red and white lighting backlit the performers and created an urban ambience that perfectly complemented the evening’s modern feel. Drew photographed his friends throughout their performance, and brought Ro a glass of white wine mid-way through the show. Seth played the piano like a harp, self-conducting, as he eased into higher octaves, throwing his entire being into his music. He stomped his foot in tandem with his composition, ticking along to his internal metronome. Playing off of each other’s energy, the two make a fun pair to watch.

“Ladies and gentleman, Rolando Diaz, and the magical hands of Seth Simmons,” Drew announced, drawing the performance to a close. The open books held a Q&A session after the performance, and Ro kicked it off saying, “Seth just told me that I missed a spot,” he laughed, and continued to explain his painting. “It’s obviously about Cuba,” the artist instructed, and mentioned how Cuba is full of music, life, and prostitution, all of which can be seen in the masterpiece he created before his live audience. When asked about his unique style of playing the piano, Seth mentioned that using the piano strings is his way of “experiencing new things,” and “thinking outside the box,” the composer confessed.

The event continued upstairs at You+Dallas where Ro’s artwork lined the walls and guests excitedly chatted over glasses of red and white. This event marked the first of many You+Dallas events to come. So Dallasites: you can expect many more exciting new ways of experiencing your city of Dallas.

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