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A New Type of Boy Band

Posted by    |    August 3rd, 2010 at 5:09 pm

Remember in high school when seeing your best friend’s brother’s garage band was the hip thing to do on a weeknight? Sneak out of your room, climb down the strategically placed trellis, and sprint off in your Converse All-Stars (ah, memories). Boyce Avenue, a band of brothers from Florida, (read: not Jonas) played at the House of Blues this summer. So why was this concert at the top of my list?

1) For starters, the House of Blues venue even, appropriately, looks like a garage.
2) Unlike high school, this time around the boys are cute and the lyrics are smart.
3) There wasn’t any throat-screaming-to-compensate-for-lack-of-talent.

So next time they’re in town, remember to steal your parent’s Oldsmobile and buy your tickets fast. You’ll want to say you saw these boys back when they were only playing in a garage. But this time your parents won’t be waiting up to ground you when you get home (we hope).