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Deep Ellum Urban Gardens

Posted by    |    October 5th, 2011 at 11:28 am

I have such exciting news about Deep Ellum.  They are taking their gardening to a whole new level!  The greatest part about it, is that it’s not going to happen unless we all pitch in to make it come to life.  And if there’s one thing that Deep Ellum does best, it’s coming together to make things happen.

Now, I kill every plant I have ever owned, so I am so thankful that I can help by spreading the word and donating to the fund.  They need to raise $25,000 and luckily that is feasible with the amount of heart that Deep Ellum residents and fans have.

We have Kelly Clemons to thank for all of this.  It is her vision and determination that has gotten us this far!  If you want to volunteer or join a committee contact Kelly at

Check out this link to see their Mission and Vision statements and other ways you can help!  Let’s show this community what we have!!