Bob = An Original

Posted by    |    July 17th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

We first bumped into Bob in 2007. It was a sweltering July night and we were part of a restless crowd at Sons of Hermann Hall waiting for the next act to come on. Our group was hot and irritated. Suddenly, out of the darkness appeared this strange little man in an orange shirt and blue fedora  playing a keyboard. He stood right in front of us, dancing, grinning, and playing — sort of — for more than 30 minutes. Without a word, Bob changed our mood, getting the whole gang into it. We all took pictures, high-fived Bob, and talked about him all the way home. On that night, Bob stole the show.

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  1. Sarah Beauregard says:

    I have my own game I play when I go out in Deep Ellum: Where’s Bob! …seriously, there’s not a time I haven’t seen him lately. He usually always makes an appearance at La Grange! LOVE BOB!!

  2. morgan staton says:

    I first met Bob at the Local Natives show at Hermann Hall a few months ago. we were also in between acts, and also very hot and irritated. he sat down next to us and started playing…instant mood change. Bob, we heart you. a lot.