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This Week’s Dating and Relationships Videopinion: What’s your first date dealbreaker?

Posted by    |    August 24th, 2010 at 3:24 pm

You’ve been on dates where the guy just won’t stop yammering about his mother (red flag), maybe she’s texting her ex-boyfriend during dinner (we don’t care if they’re “just friends”), or he’s reaching across his plate to snag your last bite of pasta (hello, you were going to eat that). Everyone has had a bad first date, but what is the one thing that kept you from calling that person for date number two? This week, Stephanie Marino wants to know, what’s your first date deal breaker? Be one of the first YPDinsiders to respond to Stephanie’s question by 2PM this Friday and win a custom appetizer for you and a special someone prepared by Michael Weinstein, Executive Chef of Al Biernat’s. Take the girl who caught your eye in the coffee shop this morning, or bring that muscle-y guy from your workout class. Get your answer on! This could be the last first (good) date you ever have.