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The Jay Armstrong Method For Making Friends

Posted by    |    June 15th, 2011 at 10:39 pm

Jay Armstrong is funnier than you would expect.  A lot funnier, actually.  When you first meet Jay, you might not realize that underneath his sweet Southern charm is a hardcore sports fanatic who has quick wit and a refreshingly funny take on the challenges in his life.  Besides being a University of Texas grad and sports management aficionado, Jay is a published author.  His book, “A Day with Jay“, is a look at what life was like for him entering school for the very first time…in a wheelchair.  How will the other kids react? How will he participate? What will his teacher be like?  All these questions are asked and answered in the book, helping children get to know what life in a wheelchair is like for some of their classmates.

Now an adult, Jay travels all over to speak to groups and share his positive message. Besides touching the heart with this wonderful book and message, he also touches your funny bone.  When asked if there are any perks to being in his situation, he relays the stories of his visits to Six Flags, where he and his buddies never had to wait in line and could enjoy the rides as often as they wanted. He is clearly a hit with the ladies and can out-talk virtually anyone on sports, but his message in life is one of friendship and connection.  Jay encourages people of all ages to approach those in wheelchairs or with physical challenges the way you would anyone else-engaging in friendly conversation and even curiosity about their condition.  His openness and honesty about his life and the way he navigates his day puts anyone at ease, and suddenly you forget there is a wheelchair in the picture at all.  Once you meet Armstrong, his passion for developing meaningful friendships with people from all walks of life becomes contagious.  To have a friend, you must be a friend….and Jay effortlessly does so with his shining smile and unexpected humor. See more of his story here.

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