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Love What You See in the Mirror

Posted by    |    February 9th, 2011 at 2:50 pm


Perfect Lips

The playwright, Neil LaBute, deftly delves beneath the surface with his trilogy of ‘beauty plays,’ all showing in rotation last spring at the Wyly Theater in Dallas. For the characters in the three plays, surface beauty harms both in its absences and presence. All three plays deal with society’s preoccupation with physical beauty: judgments made, spoken and unspoken; the subtle methods of manipulation around beauty; and how physical attributes are both asset and liability. Each play features four characters, consisting of two men and two women in their mid-twenties to early thirties involved some sort of romantic entanglement. The men are confined to archetypes: the Alpha Male, a rude, selfish prick with no morals or scruples; the Beta Male, a self-deprecating nebbish who knows good from evil but is too emotionally underdeveloped to choose what is right. The women are more nuanced: a slender blonde beauty unsure of why she is loved, a stocky yet beautiful brunette secure with her body, a career woman striving to be perfect, a demure sweet woman who defers to men, a plain woman who takes offense at being called “regular” rather than the ‘hot new thing’ in the office The dynamic among the four is endlessly fascinating and stimulates much discussion. (more…)