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Posted by    |    December 22nd, 2011 at 6:00 am


What do you get when you stick a taxicab, a pretty woman, and a gorgeous Frenchman together? I’d say a pretty adorable short film.

In this comical silent short film, a woman riding in the back of a taxi catches the eye of a French motorcyclist. By moped, bicycle, and foot, he manages to keep up with the cab despite all the interferences (hence title).

If you ask me, that’s a ton of effort for someone to exude just to say hello, but I guess if you feel the spark, it’s worth the trouble. So here is what this film has taught me:

  • While in cars, make eye contact with a fellow motorist.
  • If a guy works hard to get your attention, he deserves a chance.
  • Go to Paris. Now.

Notte Sento: I Feel the Night

Posted by    |    November 3rd, 2011 at 6:00 am

If this isn’t the modern-day version of Roman Holiday (minus the prince and princess) I don’t know what is. Notte Sento sums up the wonder and romance of Italy in just less than 7 minutes which, if you’ve been before, you know is hard to do.

After a young woman’s train is cancelled to Milan, she wanders outside the train station to wait for the next train.

With one, what I should call, fortunate misstep, she meets a young, handsome Italian man who whisks her away on the back of his Moped (naturally) for a night of fun and freedom in the Eternal City, a.k.a Rome. (more…)