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Forever’s Not So Long

Posted by    |    November 7th, 2011 at 10:48 am


If you found out that your life would be cut short in a matter of hours, what would you do?  How would it affect your relationships? In “Forever’s Not So Long“, a short film by Shawn Morrison and produced by Garrett Murray, a  major meteor is set to collide with earth in a matter of hours.  George, our main character, finds himself dumped, alone, and not sure what’s left to live for…except a serendipitous thing happens.  He meets a girl on the street, and through a short interaction, asks her to spend the rest of her life with him.  In one swift afternoon they go from virtual strangers to comfortable lovers.

The premise of this film is moving; our lives can end abruptly at any moment.  Without this looming disaster, would George have ever met this lovely new lady?  If his girlfriend hadn’t left just moments earlier, he may have died in the arms of a woman who never really loved him.  However, through the desperation to have a bond with someone, George faces the end of the world with his new “girlfriend”, creating a relationship that normally takes months or even years to develop in a few short hours.  The beauty of this film and what it reveals about relationships is how happiness and comfort can be found even during the most dire and depressing of circumstances.  Think of all the reports of couples who fell in love through the horrible reality of what occurred on 9/11. There is never a hopeless situation. Love can be borne from tragedy.  Watch Forever’s Not So Long and be reminded that connection can stem from anything….fleeting as it may be.