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Riding Crop

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pootie tang

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Difference between…

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Harry Grows Up

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Dinner and a Movie

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Every once and awhile when I’m walking around White Rock Lake or taking a ride on DART I see an older couple sitting or walking together and it makes me smile. I always wonder what their love has endured and what it is about each of them that the other has found they can’t live without.

Nip it in the Bud: Thoughts on when to let go

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So, I’m living with my married sister right now (this is soon to change, no one panic) and we have two cats (only one is mine, everyone hold off on the panic again, I’m not the weird older sister with cats….at least not yet). One is a baby and the other more mature in her years and yet they fight like crazy. Last night, as I’m attempting sleep for a big meeting this morning, they decide it’s not bed time. In fact, they decide it’s time to practice their best wrestle mania moves…on my god forsaken bed. However, I was snug, cozy, comfortable and tired and could NOT muster up the strength to throw them out and shut my door. I kept thinking, this has to stop soon, they’ll get tired, I don’t have to move, but alas, they kept coming back, and continued to act psychotic. Thus, by the time I FINALLY ended their antics, I was tired, frustrated, pissed and anxiety ridden about how early I had to arise. I thought to myself, why didn’t I just nip that situation in the bud when I knew it was time?

Now, how do my ill behaved cats relate to our relationships? Simple. (more…)

Finding Treasure on the Film Set

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The morning started out ordinary. I got to the gym early to get in a quick workout before the 8:00am call time. I was running late as usual, so I stopped by a donut shop for a couple of dozen glazed donuts to atone for my tardiness. As I got to the first location, the director, crew, and actors and actresses were already reading through the script and amending the shot schedule for the day. Desperately trying not to be noticed, I carefully laid my sacrifice on the altar of filmmaking and quietly took a seat.

I listened to the script read out loud, and surveyed the talent so as to learn their names and roles. Some of them I knew, and some of them I didn’t. One of the faces that I didn’t know was one that captured my attention most. I had never seen her before, and one glance was not enough. As I watched her read her part, I thought to myself, “wow! She is magnificent.” I was intrigued. All day long we traded quick words and glances. I wanted to talk to her, but amidst a strenuous shoot schedule, I was afforded very little opportunity. When the shoot wrapped at the end the day, I had my moment. We sat around and talked for a while about my seminary days and life as a pastor, and she talked about being an actress and a model and her desire for film. And as the conversation grew wider and deeper, I began to see that this girl was a deep well, springing forth with passion and a love for life. She spoke of faith and hope and love, and I began to see a wonderful treasure in front of me. So I asked her out.

Yes, I gave up my Saturday and my weekend adventures for a short 7-minute film. Not only did I have a great time on set, and my team ended up winning the competition, but I won something greater – a treasure named Candice.

Oscar Gold in Dallas

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Edward Zwick, Academy Award winning producer will be in Dallas tomorrow and Thursday.

Zwick is currently promoting his latest film, Love and Other Drugs, which will be released this coming November.  His list of credits include moving works such as: Legends of the Fall, Glory, Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai, Shakespeare in Love, and others. In Love and Other Drugs, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal brilliantly portray a modern story of love, lust, and what it means to love someone as they are. (more…)