Lose Control

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Intense, depicting pain of love and relationships with great acting by older actors on a universal topic.  Haunting.

Regarde-moi (Look at me)

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During the opening scenes of this short film we watch as a girl tries desperately to hitch a ride from wherever she is. Failing to do so she returns home to her brother and we find out why she was trying to run away. Through their interaction and  dialogue  we see that the two have settled into a dynamic that is at times tense yet ultimately loving as we discover they are two kids who have been left to take care themselves with the sister trying to play mom and look out for her brother.



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For every mother it is an inevitable moment, the day their child decides they are ready to strike out on their own and explore the world. Here director Jessica Poon blends endearing animation, humor and a little bit of science to create a heart warming story based on this transitional moment that is forever life changing for both the child and mother.

The Last Hug

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THE LAST HUG is a story about Mini, a young girl who has everything that people of that age could dream of..a big house..car..a secured future..but what she didn’t have..was a father.  Have any of you lived not knowing who your father was?  No pictures in the house and a mother who refuses to talk about him?  Conflicts and heartache are fairly predictable elements of this short film, but the end is sweet.


Family Matters

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does this happen in Dallas?

Never Too Late

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Being a parent and going to school can be difficult and stressful. There are people that won’t even try to go to school once they have kids by using the excuse of “having to work.” The challenge is too difficult for many to even try. Being in a relationship that is supportive of each other can help you reach goals that you thought were gone. You have to believe in your significant other and always think about positive outcomes. There will be several bumps on the road and of course, financial problems. But there is nothing a family can’t overcome together.

I’m 35 years old, married, and a father of five beautiful kids. I am two quarters away from graduation, and it has been an intense ride. I was blessed with a family that has always believed in me and supported my dreams of becoming a filmmaker. If it wasn’t for their love and encouragement, I don’t think I would be where I am right now. There were many unfortunate events that could have brought us down, but nothing we couldn’t get back up from.

It’s never too late for an education, even if you have kids. Pursue your dreams or be supportive of someone that wants an education and perhaps thinks it can’t be done. No one said it would be easy. Whether you are married with children or not, with God, love and encouragement, it is possible.


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Smile was directed by Misko Iho.  The song was originally composed as an instrumental by Charlie Chaplin for his movie ‘Modern Times’. John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons added the lyrics some twenty years later and the voice belongs to Nat King Cole, who was the first one to sing it.  One would think you just walked up from behind them to see a beautiful yet powerful moment between two people.  Very nice work, good acting, and well done ending.


The Best Websites for Date Night Ideas

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Creative dates are the most memorable, but not all of us can be the Romance CEO.  If you need help in the dating department, there are a host of sites out there geared to help save you from romantic failure. Regardless of whether you’re a student, engaged, married, or married with kids, it never hurts to study up on how to make dating even more fun than Jimmy Fallon breaking character in this Debbie Downer skit.

Love, Actually: This site features creative date ideas for those on a budget.  (And with gas prices like they are, who isn’t?)

The Dating Divas: This site has dates meant to strengthen your marriage and friendships with other couples.

My Creative Stirrings: If you’re looking for family-friendly dates the entire clan can participate in, this site has some great ideas.

The Creative Homemaker: There is a great tool and date ideas for Daddy/Daughter dates on this site.

The Idea Room: Date night conversation questions. These are a good way to break the ice!

The Mom Crowd: 30 ideas for a date night at home.  (I like “Make breakfast in bed for dinner and watch TV.”)

Now, go out there and date like a champ!


Meme Proposal by Crazy Monkey Studio

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It seems like everyone is getting married nowadays.  From traditional to downright bizarre, there are countless ways men ask ladies for their hand.

In this short video by Crazy Monkey Studio, you get front row seats to a one-of-a-kind proposal. Tim coordinated his proposal to Audrey by having four hidden cameras in the restaurant to capture the moment’s emotions perfectly as he used giant cards with memes on them to pop to question from a window.

A meme proposal may not be every girl’s dream, but this short video shows us how to have a sense of humor and be totally romantic all at the same time.

The Norton Project

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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so the adage goes. Or maybe one man’s trash is his own treasure.

In the short film The Norton Project, two brothers drive to Vermont after stealing their father’s 1969 Norton Commando motorcycle for restoration without their dad even realizing it was missing.

Boxes of motorcycle parts line their father’s basement shelves, yet for four months, he had no clue that all of it was missing. Watch how these brothers pull off a wonderful Christmas surprise, thanks to a lot of helpful “elves” and a clueless mother.

Now I feel lame for giving my dad a shirt for Christmas.