Dinner and a Movie

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The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray age 33 ¾

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For many of us dating is an inescapable part of establishing romantic relationships. Some of us love it some of us loathe it, either way we’ve all got to figure out a way to put ourselves out there. These days there is no shortage of ways to meet people. You can either go out and meet in bars or use the Internet, and believe it or not video dating is still an option.

When it comes to video dating most of us probably think of something like this, leaving us laughing our heads off and unable to take it seriously. So when we first see the title of this short film, The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray age 33 ¾ , we chuckle a little to ourselves anticipating the amusing and painful awkwardness we think we are about to witness.

It’s true, Desmondo Ray does display some amusing and painful awkwardness but the film throws us for a loop as we watch Desmondo Ray not only talk about his interests and hobbies but also as he bears his soul.  Desmondo is not an attractive looking character and his likes and dislikes are off putting to say the least, but the filming of his dating tape becomes almost like a confessional as he talks about the loneliness of his father and confesses his own need for love. I like the director’s choice here to take the concept of a dating video, a chance most people use to showcase their eligibility as a potential partner, and turn it around with Desmondo as he shares all the information you would normally hide.


One Thing About Men

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What is that one thing about men that women simply do not understand?  The short film  by Jason Headley entitled Its Not about the Nail, captures the moment with this line in the short video:  “Don’t try to fix it. I just need you to listen.”

YouPlus Dallas conducted its own survey of men and women of Dallas and asked the same question.  What is the one thing about men that women simply do not understand?  Take a look.

Brain Hacking

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A very well done video named “Sight”, where relationships in the future are altered (augmented?) by technology which greatly affects the dynamics between men and women.

From Vimio, “The movie incorporates gamification. Look how the guy is scored on how he cuts a cucumber.  The “act interested” is a suggestion in his interface because he already mastered the game and unlocked everything while she is still just level 5.

I also think that he’s somewhat a more important person than just ‘working in the company’ it looks like he’s the owner or something of the league, he has root access to code and sourcecode of the implants. He has major obsession with perfection which is the main theme. “for a perfect night” was the toast. He rewrote the girl to get the third bowtie, so that he can get the wingman achievement, nothing more, he’s not really interested in the girl.”


Modern Romance

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There’s no doubt that the emergence of technology has changed the way in which we interact with each other, especially in the realm of dating and relationships. With the internet we have the the ability establish and maintain romantic connections with people on the other side of the world. The downside to this great opportunity is the fact that even though you can chat and share pictures you are never really sure how being with that individual in person will be so you create fantasies to fill in the gaps.


Apricot-A Short Film about First Loves

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If you haven’t watched the short film Apricot by filmmaker Ben Briand, you should take a mental break from the mundane and step into this dreamlike ten minute masterpiece.  Created by Moonwalk Films (the same powerhouse that created Signs,) this film is in itself an invitation to take a “mental break” from the present and explore the importance of our memories.  How sharp and clear is the memory of your first love?  The main male character in the film repeatedly says, “I can’t remember”.  In many ways, I identify with this man.

The visual aspect and propensity for details are not my memory’s strong suit.  I can recall the name and vague appearance of my first love, and when I pass someone wearing the cologne he wore, I remember the way I felt the first time we kissed.  What conversations did we have? What likes and dislikes? What ended it all?  I can’t really remember.  It’s all one fuzzy, dreamy blur from youth that makes me smile at the ridiculousness of it and feel a twinge of saddness that it came to an end. (more…)

“Concrete Wall”

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If you’ve been through a break up ( or are going through one now) you know how stressful and anger inducing they can be and how often times music is the most effective way to sooth the inner turmoil you feel. Using straight forward lyrics and her bright voice, Zee Avi describes a relationship in which you feel like your beating your head up against a wall and there’s no getting through to the other person and you just want to, as she says, throw your shoe through a concrete wall. That’s a relationship dynamic I’m sure we’ve all experienced at least once.



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This short film is simply average, but we were looking for a short about breakups with British accents and then we stumbled upon Status.  Status is about a young man’s dating experience after being dumped on his birthday by his long-time girlfriend.

Directed by Marc Hampson / Written by Marc Hampson & Ronnie Ursenbach / Produced by Aaron Fairley / Cinematography by Paul Olson / Sound Design by Ronnie Ursenbach / Music by History Books

Out of Sync

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Sometimes relationships, especially long term ones, arrive at a point in time where the relationship becomes strained and communication is difficult and at times nonexistent. Pete Gelderblon uses clever audio and visual choices to create a very humorous and honest illustration of what this moment in a relationship looks like.

Paris vs New York City

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If you and your significant other had their choice, where would you go:  New York or Paris?

This short fun work compares the styles, based on Vahram Muratyan’s book, Paris vs New York, Edition Penguin Book, visually presents a number of different elements that make up the cities of Paris and New York.  This is great fun and light viewing.