A Conference Call in Real Life

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Office Relations

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Corporate Relations

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Frequently, working women in Dallas are confronted with men who just do not get it.  In this fun short film, Janet, plays a hot – in a corporate sort of way- young woman who is confronted with having to deal with Steve, the business owner’s brother.

Janet has met this type of man around Dallas before.  A man either loathed or laughed at by most women with half a brain who has had to endure the BS that comes with the corporate world. So how do women – women in Dallas – pass the time during such encounters.  Using her imagination, Janet goes to the dark side.  Take a look.

Grand Jury Award – Short Film Honorable Mention, 2007 Dances With Films

Arizona Filmmaker of the Year, 2007 Phoenix Film Festival

Starring Lindsey Marlin and Steve Briscoe

Written by Steve Briscoe

Directed by Paul DeNigris