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Your Secret by Jsmonzani

Posted by    |    May 19th, 2012 at 2:01 pm

“Your secret” is a movie about you.

The director of this short film, Jean-Sébastien Monzani -( – all rights reserved) says that this “short movie evokes a complicity between the spectator and the narrator. Something cheerful, something mysterious, something simple, something that hopefully maybe brightens your day.

Monzani said that this work is different that his other works, and asked for feedback.  With that in mind, we copied some of the reactions from viewers that were posted on YouTube.  Some of the comments from YouTube follow:

“I appreciate the attempt this video makes, and stylistically it’s interesting, but it falls apart in the end

The tone of the narrator begins sincere but quickly turns snarky, overly familiar, and finally pompous. Encouraging people to find small, personal beauties is a nice, if unoriginal sentiment. To suddenly and forcefully include yourself in that private beauty comes off as arrogant and invasive, and dilutes the power of the exercise, making it about the narrator more than the viewer.”

Thank you very much for the feedback, I quite appreciate it. My goal was to make something simple and really not about “me” (i.e. the narrator). Actually, none of what the narrator says is my personal experience, it’s of course all fictional. The end sentence is more of a joke/lie as everybody knows that the narrator can’t relate to you since it’s just a movie. But sometimes, pretending to believe in a lie is a way to think differently about reality.

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Mothers Day: Top iPhone Auto Correct Moments

Posted by    |    May 13th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

We were taking a look at funny moments in auto correct history, and then we remembered Mothers Day.  This segment collected the top 10 mom related day correct moments.

Each Moment is the Universe

Posted by    |    May 2nd, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Adapted by Short Of The Week,  We thought our Dallas audience would like this short film.

“A moment, a unit of time, the universe, the totality of space. Time and space—truly immense subjects to tackle, but they contrast—a moment is small, the universe infinite.

Each Moment is the Universe is a wonderful student short that collapses the distinctions between macro and micro in a paradox fitting of the zen origins of its title. The film follows a Thai man named Chok from death, to rebirth, to old age again—breathlessly racing through the years in way that seems remarkably natural and unhurried. Along the way, the contours of his life change as he loses, and subsequently regains, a purposeful focus on decency and goodness that transcends lifetimes. (more…)