” Réflexion ” by Planktoon and Yoshimichi Tamura

Posted by    |    April 21st, 2012 at 8:13 am

Have any of you in Dallas ever experienced this on date night?  You are late for a date and head home to get ready.  In this animated short film, the mirror in her bedroom had different plans for her that evening.  If you think she was a little unfairly treated by her boy friend then you should watch the short all the way through the credits.  He gets something of a mirrored comeuppance as well.   What happens when the inner conflict in you becomes a version of the Evil Queen mirror?

Réflexion” is a short film produced by the group Planktoon in association with Yoshimichi Tamura (animator in Disney on The Princess and the Frog or Tarzan). “Réflexion” is a tribute to Disney films from 60 to 70 years and built around the concept of reflection.

Excerpts taken from www.kuriousitas.com.

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