Worked For Me: How Do YOU Survive a Break-up?

Posted by    |    November 14th, 2011 at 2:15 pm

There are quite a few really interesting things about Ken Simpson’s heartfelt short film, “Worked For Me.”  One of them is that this film only cost $800 to make, and it looks like dynamite.  Another is that the same guy, the brilliant Ken Simpson, wrote, directed, produced AND edited this film.  Oh, and one more tidbit?  The doctor’s lab coat and stethoscope were part of the DP’s Halloween costume.  But the most interesting thing of all about this short film is that it has a nugget of wisdom that can save millions from spending exorbitant amounts on shrinks, self-help books, and large bar tabs.

In “Worked For Me“, our brokenhearted lead character finds it hard to function after his one and only leaves him.  (In a note, no less. Though I guess that’s a step up from a break-up text.) When he seeks the solution of a medical professional, the advice he gets is simple, but it works.  We’ve all been there. The pit in your stomach. The loathsome sound of love songs on the radio. The pain of coming home at the end of the day to an empty house and no one to call and chat about your day.  Break-ups stink worse than last weekend’s lo mein, and there isn’t a specific recipe to deaden the pain.

I have to admit, a lot of retail therapy, extreme kickboxing classes, Diet Coke/chocolate, and a few Tylenol PM were my saving graces.  The retail therapy because I feel better in a new outfit, kickboxing to sweat out my aggression, lots of sweet and nutrition-less items to indulge in, and Tylenol PM for those nights when I couldn’t shut my brain off from trying to figure out why I didn’t see the red flags. What worked for you? Facebook stalking? A new car? Moving to another city?  Watch the film and find out exactly what works for our hero and think about what got you through. Your experience may just help someone else-after all, it worked for you.

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