Quiet Signs of Love: Atypical Romance

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Quiet Signs of Love from ikonfilm on Vimeo.

Quiet Signs of Love is a wonderful two-part short film highlighting an atypical romance.  A hearing man falls for a deaf classmate, and the struggles and triumphs of their relationship suddenly change their worlds.  Daniel, the main character, pursues a relationship with Hannah, despite her inability to hear.  Hannah gradually accepts his advances, teaching him basic signs and introducing him to the deaf community.  As they grow more comfortable with each other, it is apparent that the hearing/speaking barrier causes some difficulties.  Hannah doesn’t want help in situations where her deafness impedes her, and Daniel doesn’t understand why she won’t accept help.  All in all, it’s a touching love story about two people who defy the norm of what a relationship “should” be.

How often do we pass over friendships and romances with other people simply because they have a different set of circumstances that we don’t understand?  Whether it’s deafness, blindness, a wheelchair, acute medical condition, or some other circumstance, how often do we let these things come between us and others?  What about socioeconomic status? I am ashamed to admit that most of my friends are from the same background that I am.  We all generally have the same standard of living.  Why don’t we branch out more often and embrace friendships with those who are different than we are?  Is it fear? Is it our ignorance that holds us back from giving an unfamiliar situation a chance?

It’s even as simple as embracing someone from another country.  I recall watching our Russian foreign exchange student at my high school struggle to make friends….we were reluctant to befriend someone who looked, sounded, and even ate differently than we did.  But once she sought out our friendship without reservation, we got to see that she wasn’t “weird” or difficult to hang out with.  Yes, it took more effort to have a conversation and she didn’t always “get” our slang or American jokes, but she was cool.  All it took was a little branching out to make a connection.

Watch Quiet Signs of Love and be reminded that differences and challenges can make love and friendship even more special and worth having.  God made all of us differently for a reason, and oftentimes remembering we all share the same Creator is all we need to have in common.

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