The Big Empty

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As far as short films go, The Big Empty, starring Selma Blair is one of the most interesting concepts I’ve seen in a while.  In fact, interesting is almost too kind a word.  Bizarrely interesting is more like it.  Let me put it this way; if you’ve ever seen The Vagina Monologues and enjoyed it, I think you’ll like The Big Empty. Fraught with all kinds of celebrities (and one hilarious cameo by Hugh Laurie,) this film has so many layers and possibilities that it has thousands of comments on YouTube.  Thousands!  That’s pretty impressive for a short film.

Okay, before I can continue, take 20 minutes and go watch the film.

Really, go ahead.  I’ll wait.



Did you watch all  of it?  Okay, good.  What did you think?

Now, you probably already have in your mind how this film relates to Dating and Relationships, and it may be totally different from my interpretation.  But, nevertheless, here is what I walked away with from this sentimental film…

There are people in life we long for.  We long for them to love us, to adore us, to encourage us.  We pine away for what could be, instead of what actually is.  The truth is, we won’t always get those people to love and adore us.  No matter how long we ache, how hard we wish, or how many expert opinions we seek, it just isn’t going to happen.  We can try every vain effort to achieve the love and relationship we want, even manipulating circumstances, but it doesn’t guarantee that the ache will go away.

Sometimes when we see that our efforts yield little to no results, we begin to seek a substitution for that love.  We accept less than the best or allow ourselves to settle for a cheap imitation.  It isn’t until the REAL thing comes along and is reciprocated in a way that doesn’t yield a recurring ache that we find our peace.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and perhaps it takes a lifetime to find that peace, but it isn’t elusive forever.

What did you think about the film?  Did you find something else in its meaning?

If you didn’t, at least now you know there are over 437 words for “snow”.


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