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In the short film, Rêverie, you are introduced to a precious little girl in the backseat of a car waiting while her mother unloads groceries from their shopping cart. She catches the eye of a boy in the parking lot strolling a cart.

In the middle of snooping in her mother’s purse the young boy taps on her window signally to follow him.

You are then taken to the countryside and watch as they stroll each other along in the cart, climb trees, and snap pictures of one another.

Suddenly, you hear a knocking and the little girl is jolted out of her daydream only to see her mother tapping on the window. With a look of nostalgia settled on the girls face, the car begins to move.

It’s hard to tell whether this girl wishes to be with this little boy or whether her thoughts are of a bigger picture. Maybe she just wishes to escape her own reality, although that’s an awful complex thought for someone her age.

Why not just make things more interesting and assume the former.

Think back to your elementary school crush and the hours you spent staring into space daydreaming about what it’d be like to be with them. Or even talk to them? In my case, I probably had never even said two words to this person, but had been admiring them from afar.

What strikes you most about it? For me, it was the innocence of it all.

As a kid, punching your crush in the arm wasn’t a form of abuse but a form of flirting.  Holding their hand was the equivalent of third base and writing your names in little hearts wasn’t considered stalker-ish.

I tend to catch myself daydreaming from time to time but the dreams are much more complicated. Instead of thinking about a boy I met I’m thinking about what it’d be like if I could eat an entire cake without any of consequences.

What it’d be like to a kid again… And we thought not forgetting to bring your lunch money to school every day was a big responsibility.

Samantha Cangelosi is a Guest Writer for local media company YouPlusDallas. She is a Senior at Southern Methodist University studying Journalism and History. Follow her on Twitter at @samanthacang.

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