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The ‘Z’ Factor

Posted by    |    January 7th, 2011 at 2:02 pm

If you are a boring texter, I do not want to date you.

According to society, women equate dancing with sex. I’m unsure of how much truth resides in this thought process, as I’ve never had a friend come up to me and say, “He was a terrible dancer. In absolutely no way do I ever want to see him naked.”

Perhaps my friends just aren’t that blunt.

Or perhaps women don’t actually think in clichés.

But I most definitely equate boring texting to boring daily conversations. I don’t mean this in a grammatical sense. I’m not talking about apostrophes and proper capitalization of nouns. In fact, I probably assume you have more personality if you don’t uppercase anything. If your texts are boring, you are boring. It’s a 21st century dating factoid.

Forget dancing. Full sentences, people. Text with purpose. Use your verbs. Or my ambidextrous thumbs will never respond to your ambiguous “Hi.”