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Finding Treasure on the Film Set

Posted by    |    October 27th, 2010 at 4:47 pm

The morning started out ordinary. I got to the gym early to get in a quick workout before the 8:00am call time. I was running late as usual, so I stopped by a donut shop for a couple of dozen glazed donuts to atone for my tardiness. As I got to the first location, the director, crew, and actors and actresses were already reading through the script and amending the shot schedule for the day. Desperately trying not to be noticed, I carefully laid my sacrifice on the altar of filmmaking and quietly took a seat.

I listened to the script read out loud, and surveyed the talent so as to learn their names and roles. Some of them I knew, and some of them I didn’t. One of the faces that I didn’t know was one that captured my attention most. I had never seen her before, and one glance was not enough. As I watched her read her part, I thought to myself, “wow! She is magnificent.” I was intrigued. All day long we traded quick words and glances. I wanted to talk to her, but amidst a strenuous shoot schedule, I was afforded very little opportunity. When the shoot wrapped at the end the day, I had my moment. We sat around and talked for a while about my seminary days and life as a pastor, and she talked about being an actress and a model and her desire for film. And as the conversation grew wider and deeper, I began to see that this girl was a deep well, springing forth with passion and a love for life. She spoke of faith and hope and love, and I began to see a wonderful treasure in front of me. So I asked her out.

Yes, I gave up my Saturday and my weekend adventures for a short 7-minute film. Not only did I have a great time on set, and my team ended up winning the competition, but I won something greater – a treasure named Candice.

Sanctuary: More than Just a Film Shoot

Posted by    |    October 27th, 2010 at 4:42 pm

I almost didn’t go to the shoot that day. The night before, I suffered from a severe head concussion due to a near car accident. I was in such pain that I couldn’t walk. I seriously considered not participating in the project, which was a first for me. I never miss a shoot.

About 12:30am, I discovered a voicemail from one of the writers. “Have we got a part for you…Oh, you are going to be so bad, it’s awesome.” I was sold. I didn’t care how bad my head hurt. I was going.

The morning presented itself like most starts of the shoots, you gather together, read through the script, sit in make-up and wait to be called. But, on this day, the exceptions leaped off the page. This day would be different.

I knew the second I walked into You+ that I was walking into a great production. Everything from the locations, to the equipment, to the script, to the fact that the make-up artist applied dirt to my face instead of blush was foundational to the rest of the day. This production had top-notch written all over it. I was also amongst great company and wanted to do my best. I had worked with the writers on two films previous and had become good friends. I had also worked with the Director before and respected his work.

I also met a few new faces that day. I was impressed how well versed and knowledgeable everyone was, as well as with the caliber of cinematography and directing. We also worked very well together, which is especially important on a timed shoot.

But, there was one face that stuck out to me. I noticed him earlier in the day, but it wasn’t until after listening to Brandon discuss a scene, that he turned around and almost ran into me when I noticed his eyes. They were endearing, kind and deep. Moments later, the same thing happened, except, this time, I almost ran into him. Again, his eyes beamed and there was something about this guy that kept my eyes on him.

Maybe it was the fact that I kept catching him look at me, although he’ll tell you he doesn’t remember that. Maybe it was his physique, although he’d deny that entirely. But what is undeniable is when I saw him listening to a friend pour out his heart and encourage him in the way he should go. I was so touched by that. He just sat back in his chair, feet propped up and wholeheartedly listened. That was of greatest value to me and I won’t forget how I felt. That was the day I met Josh Spake.

Six months have now passed, five of which I’ve been honored to date Josh. He has impacted my life in so many ways and brought me so much joy.

It’s funny the irony in it all. A shoot that I didn’t almost participate in was the shoot that swept the awards at the film festival and was the shoot that I met someone truly special. Sanctuary proved to be much more than a shoot; it proved to be a sanctuary of hope, opportunity and the cultivation of deep relationships. I’m so glad I went that day.

How OK are you with being Alone?

Posted by    |    October 18th, 2010 at 10:01 pm

The hardest part of divorce for me is not the single parenting part. In fact, it can be argued by everyone including my ex that I was a single parent the majority of the marriage anyway. No, the hardest part of the divorce is when the kids are gone with him for the weekend. Thanks to wonderful loving friends, the transition has not been as difficult as it could be.

However, there are times when the kids are gone that there really isn’t anyone or anything to fill the void that comes from having been part of a in-tact family to being a single mother alone for the weekend.

For me, the answer was to re-discover interests like running, traveling and volunteering. In other words, I’m using the fall out of a failed relationship to recover parts of myself that had long been buried. And as much as I enjoy going out and socializing often, part of that process is actually choosing to spend time home, alone even on a weekend night and liking it.

I have single friends that find this idea anathema. “Who ARE you? You’re going to stay IN on Saturday night? You want to read and go to bed EARLY and ALONE?”

Well, yes. As a matter of fact, I do. In fact, I think I’m becoming a stronger and healthier person by allowing myself time alone. A lot of people break up with a partner or spouse and decide, “Well that person wasn’t right..I will go find someone that is.”

Love & Other Drugs Screening in Dallas

Posted by    |    October 7th, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Jake Gyllenhaal

For how long did I consider what to wear before choosing my outfit last night?  Why did I care what I looked like? What did I actually think might come from the evening?

All I know is, my girlfriends and I had a stunningly good time at the behind-the-scenes screening of Ed Zwick’s Love and Other Drugs, starring the handsome Gyllenhaal and the lovely Hathaway.

Jake Gyllenhaal just moved up the ranks in my book.  Do I find Hollywood actors attractive? Yes, in this order: Jude Law, George Clooney, Brad Pitt (though I am on Team Aniston).  Well, last night Jake Gyllenhaal just climbed the ladder and sits cleanly above Mr. Law.  He is rockin hot in this movie.  It’s not just his good facial structure or his dark features, it’s his coy smile and the looks he throws at Hathaway’s character, Maggie, that just hit you to your core. (more…)

Oscar Gold in Dallas

Posted by    |    October 5th, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Edward Zwick, Academy Award winning producer will be in Dallas tomorrow and Thursday.

Zwick is currently promoting his latest film, Love and Other Drugs, which will be released this coming November.  His list of credits include moving works such as: Legends of the Fall, Glory, Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai, Shakespeare in Love, and others. In Love and Other Drugs, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal brilliantly portray a modern story of love, lust, and what it means to love someone as they are. (more…)

Seriously Married

Posted by    |    October 5th, 2010 at 4:01 pm

Park Cities Presbyterian Church recently hosted a marriage conference with over 500 people in attendance, and I was one of the many wedded minds in the crowd. I went in sans expectations. What can one dude really have to say about marriage that could actually change my mind? Apparently, a lot.  Inspired by this conference and the fact that I’ve now been married for 1 year and 9 months — thus an expert on marriage — a few things really stuck with me.

1.  Marriage is the greatest thing a human being can invest in.

2.  Marriage makes you come to terms with yourself in a way you never have before.

3. Marriage is freaking hard. (more…)