Dating in Dallas: Easier for Men or Women?

Posted by    |    August 16th, 2010 at 12:31 pm

Is dating in Dallas easier for men or women?
Is dating in Dallas easier for men or women?

I recently posed this question on Videopinions, and I’m sure both sides could argue that it’s easier for the opposite sex for a multitude of reasons. Only knowing what dating is like from a woman’s standpoint, I have to say that it’s easier for men. Here’s why:

1. Cash McMogulson Syndrome: This fictitious character, originally created by Katherine Harper, truly fits the stereotype of the majority of Dallas men I know (and some I’ve dated) that could possibly be THE Cash McMogulson. Dallas guys seem to be the most pretentious, arrogant, self-centered, and materialistic men I’ve ever met. They are ‘posers’ who talk a big game but cannot deliver. Girls LOVE these guys! Why? They are handsome, charming socialites. They love to hang out at the see and be seen hot spots in Dallas, especially cheesy clubs where they can show off how cool they are because their name is on some VIP list. Hello, this isn’t NYC, LA, or Miami. Congratulations, some door guy in Dallas knows your name. Pathetic.

2. Peter Pans: Playboys for life. They don’t want to grow up. Why should they? Girls (young, dumb, naïve, bimbo, money-hungry girls) throw themselves as these Peters all the time. I have a theory that if a Dallas guy is not married by the time he’s 35, he will NEVER settle down. Think about it. How many men do you know in their late 30’s to 40’s who live at some luxury high-rise, party 3-4 nights a week (if not more) and are seen in every D Mag party pic with different girls on a weekly basis? Hang out at some of Dallas’ finest douchebaggery hot spots and you will see Peter in flight.

3. Girls, Girls, Girls: There are LOTS of beautiful girls in Dallas. There are also smart, wholesome, and successful girls in this town. So many men in Dallas suffer from the Cash McMogulson syndrome that the good girls intimidate them. When Cash and Peter date these triple treats (such as myself) they figure out pretty quickly that she’s too smart to put up with their BS. They know dumb girls will chase them and be disappointed later, but the smart girls know instantaneously that they’re not long-term material.

So tell, me, where are the good guys? Bottom line: Dating is harder for women. Much harder.

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  2. Jack Bradshaw says:


    I appreciate that you think dating is harder for women and it quite possibly may be. Men are often chameleons who can put forth a great image as needed.

    However, I give equal parts difficulty to both sides. Men have to really put themselves out there, ask for the date and then plan the night. In addition, they most often have to pay, try to be a gentleman, listen attentively to their date and try to discern how the date is going.

    Unfortunately for women, it is almost easier for men to just hang out with friends and meet women on the fly. Not a great long-term strategy.

    So, the real good guys mature and evolve with age and experience. Keep your eyes open, because the good guy is nearby, he may just not be quite ready. The good guys transform from Cash McMogulson to Tom Scavo quickly when the right girl comes along AND the timing is right. Don’t give up and you may just find what you are looking for in the most unexpected place!