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Wes sucks

Posted by    |    July 30th, 2010 at 10:02 am

The Back of Wes' head

I tried to think of a more creative title but then realized that he doesn’t deserve it.  For those of you who don’t know, Wes is Wes Hayden, of Jillian’s season of the Bachelorette. He was the first Bachelorette contestant to outright lie to America and act as though he was single when, in fact, he had a girlfriend back home in Austin.

Why am I talking about him now? Glad you asked.  Wes is coming to Dallas next week, August 6, 2010, to LaGrange in Deep Ellum.  I will be there with tomatoes and we’ll have a video team.  Do you wanna come?  Share this with your friends and let’s get a You+Dallas group there to show our disgust with the boy-man, Wes Hayden.  Let’s give him the audience he’s always wanted.

Oh, and don’t forget that he will soon appear on the Bachelor Pad, where he can further portray his man whore qualities.  Can’t wait.

Play it Again Sam

Posted by    |    July 26th, 2010 at 4:51 pm (style 4213)

My actual wedding dress being modeled on the catwalk. Check out to see more innovative and exquisite wedding dress designs

One of my best friends called me absolutely frantic over the weekend.  She has been in the final stages of altering her wedding dress.
As most brides do the month of their wedding, my friend has lost weight. She needed three inches taken from her dress; and, on Saturday, one week to the day of her upcoming wedding, she finds herself  holding a gown with about a 20-inch waist. The seamstress had removed three inches; however, she removed three inches… from each side. That’s right, six inches, gone. Laughing at the thought of even trying to get this dress past her calves, my friend is, needless to say, not in a good state of mind. Her wedding dress is ruined.


Bars, Bibles and Babes

Posted by    |    July 26th, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Every Tuesday night twenties and thirties gather in an unlikely setting for meeting singles.  They meet at Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCPC) on Oak Lawn Avenue, to socialize with singles and hear Aaron Cave teach from the Bible.  Then, they all go out to a bar – lately it’s been Gingerman – to have a beer, meet new people and catch up on the latest.

You may think church is the worst place to meet singles.  Or you may think it’s the best.  Regardless of your opinion, I have constanly heard this from singles lately -“I’m tired of meeting people in a bar.”  And it’s true that if you’re looking for a long term relationship, bars are probably not the most ideal setting for meeting your next girlfriend or boyfriend.

What’s cool about the church setting on Tuesday nights is this: it’s laid back, it’s not in-your-face, people are friendly and you get to hear a good talk, no matter what you believe.  For some people, the bar is the biggest draw and, I’ll admit, it’s really fun.  But I believe it’s the combination of substance a la “bible study” and fun at the bar that makes for the perfect environment to meet singles.

Where does all this deep yet lively group gather every week?  We’re at PCPC every Tuesday at 7 PM across from the main church building  (4124 Oak Lawn Ave, between Chase Bank and Equinox gym).  Anyone’s welcome – hope to see you there.

Bite me

Posted by    |    July 9th, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Missy Wall is the program director for Dallas-based Teen CONTACT.  She has witnessed a surprising trend that has taken off in Dallas and around the country.

The trend is called the “Twilight effect”, meaning teens so love how Bella, Edward and Jacob show affection that they have turned to biting one another.  Sometimes they even draw blood.  Bizzare? Totally.  But very real.

Teens interviewed on Good Morning America say biting and drawing blood have not replaced kissing; rather, teens feel that biting more passionately expresses the deep feelings they have for each other.  Just like hickies have been something of a teenagers’ right of passage for decades, biting has found its place in teenage love lore.  Teens can leave “their mark” on the object of their love, and this is attractive to them.

Just ask Robert Pattinson, who told Jay Leno that at the premiere of his new Twilight film, a “230 pound guy … was asking me to bite him”.  And then Pattison jokes “So I did.”

On a more serious note, issues like these are the reason Teen CONTACT is available 24/7 as a resource for Dallas teenagers in crisis.  If you are a teenager in a rough spot, don’t be afraid to call – 972.233.TEEN.  They don’t bite.