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Bachelor Bust – AGAIN – Dallas’ Jake Pavelka splits from Vienna Girardi

Posted by    |    June 24th, 2010 at 3:50 am

Being an avid Bachelor fan, it’s safe to say I — and okay, the rest of the viewers — knew Jake and Vienna’s relationship was doomed before she gurgled “Yes.”  For those unaware of the show, earlier this year, Jake Pavelka, Dallas native and sexy pilot, chose to propose to his antithesis on the show, the vampy, bug-eyed, oh-so-sleazy Vienna Girardi.  He chose Vienna over the precious and innocent Tenley, and in that moment we viewers collectively SCREAMED at the television in horror.  We knew he had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Fast forward maybe 3 months since his fateful choice and here we are: Jake has regained his senses and deserted his “precious” fiancee.  So, Jake, on behalf of all Dallas women, let me salute you for at last seeing what everyone else has seen since January 4 when Episode 1 of your season swept us away.  Alas, we shall never forget “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.”

Oh, one last thing, there’s a line of single Texas women waiting patiently for you! Don’t get too dirty in Hollywood.  We’ll still be here when you return alone to the Lone Star State.

“I’ll Have the Cobb Salad and a Long Term Relationship”

Posted by    |    June 23rd, 2010 at 8:35 pm

If you think your lunch break is merely about eating, think again. For those of you singles out there (110 million Americans are single adults!) who are finding it difficult to fit dating into your busy work schedules … Have no fear, help is here. Its Just Lunch Dallas wants to help start you down the path to relationship bliss. Almost every one has time for a lunch break so why not put yours to good use and combine it with a date? Dallas is a top market for the 17-year-old organization that has hitched thousands of local singles. The process starts with a discreet interview (to weed out the creepers?!) at their offices on Dallas Parkway at Arapaho. Then they match you with potential lunch dates and off you go. Hope you make it to dessert!