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“Under The Arches” Captures ‘Urban Artistry’

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

At least that’s what one art gallery owner told me tonight at our swanky concert-painting-wine drinking and media affair. Turning the parking plaza of our 92-year-old building into a concert venue was another light bulb moment for our Mad Hatter CEO Jeff Hinson, and with the stylish guidance of Events Diva Elisabeth Jordan, it was a rousing success. (I say was — it is actually still going on outside my door.)  The star duo was painter Rolando Diaz and pianist Seth Simmons, who have developed a wonderful concept called Euforia, where Ro paints as Seth plays. It works. And the whole thing played even better in the open air with the cacophonous roar of Commerce and Jackson street traffic providing background ambiance. Art is a blessing that elevates, especially in the cool October Dallas night with the skyline shining as bright as the crescent moon.

In The House: Parigi

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Don’t get us started about the wonders of Parigi. We are such big fans of chef/owners Janice Provost and Chad Houser. Uber-niceness with culinary talent to spare. And their restaurant, which has anchored Oak Lawn for 25+ years, is an institution that is never stuffy, always fun. Best Caesar salad ever. They are wizards with pesto and garlic, and have all sorts of clever offerings like the shrimp and crab martini, wild mushroom medley pizza, pappardelle of lobster, shrimp, crab and mushrooms in a tarragon pesto cream sauce … yowza! I often satisfy my cheeseburger fetish with one of Chad’s “chef special gournet burgers” with a side of delicate french pomme frites. I said don’t get me started!

Parigi is catering our big shindig Thursday night, an artsy “painting & piano” affair called “Euforia.” It’s the first of our coolio “Under The Arches” Series where we turn the parking area of our 95-year-old building on Commerce into a restaurant/theater. It may be sold out but you can look for tickets here. One thing’s for sure: the food will be great!

In The House: Ro Diaz

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

The You+Media offices are getting a major upgrade, thanks to artist Rolando Diaz, whose colorful canvases are going up as we speak. Diaz, a Cuban-born painter whose family fled Castro’s oppressive Communist regime when he was very young, is performing at a special YPM event this week. It’s called “Euforia Live, Under the Arches” and it involves Diaz creating a custom oil painting right before your eyes as renowned pianist Seth Simmons provides a stirring soundtrack.

Relentlessly positive and bursting with creativity, Ro Diaz is a force of artistic nature. He has traveled the world and harbors a special affinity for Europe. He remains keenly connected to his native Cuba, and much of the work he creates is intended to connect us to the plight of the poor who need our support. Diaz is a truly generous, likable guy (shown here with You+Media events director Elizabeth Jordan) who spreads joy. Ro, you are always welcome!

Big Tex Rides to the Rescue

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

After two consecutive depressing losses by our beloved America’s Team, the best Cowboy in Dallas is likely a 52-foot tall fellow named Big Tex. And just when we need him, the icon of our State Fair is rising above Fair Park to beckon us back to The Midway. Starting today, Sept 24 through Oct 17, head to southeast Dallas to gorge on Fletcher’s corny dogs, Jack’s fries, funnel cakes and a weight-watcher’s nightmare of other State Fair diet busters. Sports fans will love that this year’s event has a special focus on football, with tributes to Tom Landry, an exhibit about the upcoming Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium, and of course, the Red River Rivalry between Texas & OU on Saturday, Oct. 2.

Up, Up and Away …

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

After hitting up Oktoberfest the day before, my son and I decided to one again brave the Texas heat and head out to Oak Point Park for the 31st annual Plano Balloon Festival.  Still battling our funnel cake hangovers (mine may have had more to do with Spaten beer than powdered sugar), we voted to sleep in and catch the evening launch.

After walking almost a mile to get into the festival (see below parking tip), we snagged a corndog and lemonade and posted up on our blanket until launch time.  Soon after we finished eating, they gave the go ahead for everyone to go onto the field for a more up close and personal experience.  And when I say “close”, I mean you could reach out and touch the balloons.  (But don’t…you’ll get in trouble.) (more…)

In the House: Drew Waters

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Productivity drops sharply in the You+Media offices when Drew Waters stops by. The guys all want war stories from the set of his NBC drama, Friday Night Lights. The girls just get a dreamy stare and smile. Frankly, it’s awkward.

But that’s Drew. Raised in Orange, TX, he was a track and field star who passed up a scholarship to Rice to work with F-14 jets in the Navy. After his tour, talent scouts saw those baby blue eyes and modeling jobs flowed in from Ralph Lauren, Prada, and Hugo Boss. Magazine ads and covers from GQ, Esquire, Vogue, and Men’s Journal. Then photographer Bruce Weber told Drew he should try acting. Sure, why not? 20 films and six TV shows later, Waters decided to try producing, too. He has 2-3 very cool projects in development right now, and we hope he’ll share his talents with You+Dallas as well.

No matter what, Waters’ best role is as devoted husband and doting father. Eschewing the so-called ‘glamour’ of Hollywood, Waters is most content on his North Texas ranch with his family and his horses, just like his boyhood days in Orange. The man is a star.

Bob = A True Original

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

We first bumped into Bob in 2007. It was a sweltering July night and we were part of a restless crowd at Sons of Hermann Hall waiting for the next act to come on. Our group was hot and irritated. Suddenly, out of the darkness appeared this strange little man in an orange shirt and blue fedora  playing a keyboard. He stood right in front of us, dancing, grinning, and playing — sort of — for more than 30 minutes. Without a word, Bob changed our mood, getting the whole gang into it. We all took pictures, high-fived Bob, and talked about him all the way home. On that night, Bob stole the show. Check out director Chris Wiegand’s mini-profile of Bob here.