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The Reinvention of Entertainment in the Age of New Media

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

DMA Does Downton Abbey

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

This is a well done parody of the Downton Abbey Series featuring Max Anderson as Lord Grantham and Catherine Rose and Jennifer Karol as his daughters.  Mayor Mike Rawlings played the role of valet, and  John Eagle as the butler.  Most importantly, the DMA’s 101-year-old patron Margaret McDermott played Dame Maggie Smith’s role.  We are happy the Mayor will keep his day job.  Elaine Agather ably stood in for Laura Linney, showing that banking skills are indeed transferable to other endeavors.  We at YouPlus Media tip our hats to the cast and production crew.  Bravo!

Wham Vs PSY – Last Christmas, Gangnam style

Friday, December 21st, 2012

YouPlus Dallas Wins Dallas Observer’s ‘Best Dallas Website’ a Second Year

Monday, September 24th, 2012

best dallas websiteLast week, YouPlus Dallas was honored to win the Dallas Observer’s ‘Best Dallas Website’ for a second year in a row.  Recognition is always wonderful but being chosen for one of the Dallas Observer’s ‘Best Of’ awards is truly an honor as those involved with the process are sincerely invested in sharing what they love most about our city.

Joe Tone, editor at the Dallas Observer, said, “The news business can be very cynical. This is the one week a year where that cynicism (mostly) falls away and we just gush about our favorite things. It feels strange, but it feels good.”

The Observers ‘Best Of’ awards set themselves apart by not giving into the politics of voting, they simply observe their city and pick what they believe to be the best.

“We pile into a bar and start outlining categories and possible winners. We argue a little bit. We argue some more. And either

Joe Tone, Editor at the Dallas Observer

someone argues the best, or, in certain categories, we rely on the expert: the food critic for “Best Burger,” the theater critic for “Best Actor,” the bars and clubs editor for “Best New Bar.” It’s like Family Feud but without the cool music,” Tone said.

Another reason to be a proud recipient of a Dallas Observer ‘Best Of’ is the intense creativity and thought that goes into the process every year. They don’t simply honor the “Best Burger” or “Best Local Band,” they delve deep into the character of our city and find things both strange and unique to award, like “Best Grocery Store for Creepers” or “Best Happy Hour to Meet a (Hopefully) Single Businessman.”

dallas observer best of dallas 2012“Usually that indicates that there was a place we wanted to celebrate that didn’t fit naturally into a category,” Tone said. “Best Place to Leave Your Toddler Unattended While You Have a Cocktail” is obviously not something we spent a lot of time debating. Someone clearly ditched their kid at Bookmarks, the library at the mall, and went for a mojito. Then they thought, Man, this is the best! And thus, a new category was born.”

Scroll through the Observer’s extensive and colorful categories to find out just exactly where is the “Best Place to Arm Oneself for the Coming Zombie Apocalypse” and discover the best of what Dallas has to offer.

Our Tribute to Whitney Houston

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The American Music Awards ceremony from 1994.

Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist Whitney Houston
Favorite Soul/R&B Album The BodyGuard Soundtrack – Whitney Houston
Favorite Soul/R&B Single “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston
Favorite Adult Contemporary Album The Bodyguard soundtrack – Whitney Houston
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist Whitney Houston
Favorite Pop/Rock Album The Bodyguard soundtrack – Whitney Houston
Favorite Pop/Rock Single I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston
Favorite Adult Contemporary Album The Bodyguard soundtrack – Whitney Houston

May God bless you.





Optimism is a Force Multiplier

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


Never give up.


Dallas Celebrates New Years 2012

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

A big shout out to Chris Martinez for shooting a really nice video of the Victory Plaza New Years celebration.  Enjoy!




24 Hour Video Race @ the Angelika

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

My new friend, The University of Texas at Arlington Professor Bart Weiss, is hosting the finals of the 24 Hour Video Race, a filmmaking competition in which teams of videomakers have 24 hours to write, shoot, edit and score an original short film.

This is the tenth anniversary of the Video Race, and I have the honor of being one of the judges in the final, which will be held Monday evening at the Angelika Theater located at Mockingbird Station. The festivities begin at 6pm. The 10 Best Videos from the past races are displayed here.

Hollywood in Miniature

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Making movies isn’t easy. We know; we make little video versions every day and a LOT goes into each minute. For the Dallas Film Society’s big event, the Dallas International Film Festival, we produced our own three minute movie and all it took was weeks of planning and about 50 people. And paper hats.

Do yourself a favor. Stop watching bad television and go spend two hours at one of DIFF’s 130 different screenings over the next ten days. Almost all of the best films these days have their roots in the indie film scene, and there are some super talented folks in town showing off their creations. Chances are they will become something bigger and you can say you knew them when.

Map it

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Not that I am getting married anytime soon, because I am most definitely not, but I think this is pretty much the cutest thing ever. And in the holiday spirit, I may get over my Scrooge-like singleness by daydreaming about Merry Maps, which are about as jolly as Kris Kringle having just been told that fitting down the chimney is optional this year.

Daley Harris, founder of Merry Maps, has created a fun business in the art of bringing people together for events. “I started [Merry Maps] when my sister got married a year and a half ago,” she says of her hand-drawn company. “[I received] requests from friends to do it for their weddings, and it kind of grew from there.” Though stationed in Dallas, 80% of her business is not local. She has clients from “London to South America” and across the globe.

Daley has always owned a passion for creativity, and a wild trick-of-the-hand talent. “I call it party calligraphy,” she says of her fun hand-drawn font. Each map is unique and created specifically for the individual client. She creates maps for weddings, save the dates, announcements, directions to ranches and lake houses, and more. Contact Daley for your merriment here.