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A Case of Cryptomnesia: Doves vs. Jay Nash

Posted by    |    December 14th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Author’s Note: Cryptomnesia (musically speaking) is one song distinctly reminiscent of another song, almost as if one musician was listening to the other’s work as he or she was composing a new song.

Required Reading: In the first installment of A Case of Cryptomnesia, we discussed a prominent district court case, and why Mat Kearney and Ben Rector maybe need to be less enthusiastic about each other’s work.

We now consider the case of English band Doves vs. East Coast Americana crooner Jay Nash, and the first eight measures of their songs “There Goes the Fear” and “If I Was a Ghost,” respectively.

While the two approaches are vastly different; (Doves’ intro features twangy, jingle-belled vamps, while Nash’s intro is soft and buttery guitar picking) each song waits for the listener to pound his or her head against the wall and exclaim ‘Where have I heard this before?!’. (more…)

The following boys are responsible for my recent plethora of iTunes purchases

Posted by    |    December 14th, 2010 at 3:27 pm

Matt Duke, Tony Lucca, and Jay Nash. Friday night at The Prophet Bar, I’m passing up my usual weekends of vodka soda rendez-vous with friends in favor of a voice I found two years ago at the zenith of a terrible break up. “Tidal Waves” was the nicotine patch to a year-long cigarette addiction in the relationship ashtray. Matt Duke, whose smooth voice is of the Tyrone Wells/Jason Mraz/Chris Thile/Matt Nathanson genre, is killer. Like death by dark chocolate.

The trio set up without a word to the audience and launched into “Stranger in a Strange Place”. The three talented guitarists teamed up last year for the first TFDI tour, and are at it again through the end of the month. The bromance trio yielded the mic to one another, making sure they each had ample time to showcase their specific style. (more…)