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Catching Lissie

Posted by    |    October 13th, 2010 at 11:00 am

Lissie has a very good memory.  Like many artists who perform on the Granada Theater stage, she is hanging out behind the venue after the show. She shakes my hand, calls me by my first name, and asks if I mind if she smokes. (My lungs might, but right now, they’d rather endure it.) She talks to me and Y+D blogger Rachel Orr about her beer preference and stage time at ACL.

How was ACL this year?
ACL was awesome, it was exhausting but it was worth it, it was fun, and we felt like we had a good presence there, beautiful weather, we love Austin, you know, it couldn’t have been better. It was awesome.

So who’s your favorite singer or band?
I don’t have a favorite singer. But right now, I just saw Phish on Friday, Phish is my favorite band. They make me feel so happy, so that’s what music should do, I think. (more…)

Open your ears

Posted by    |    October 12th, 2010 at 5:14 pm

It’s probably difficult for some artists to pull off successful shows on a Monday night, but Illinois-born Lissie is singing to a good-sized house at the Granada Theater. “I really really appreciate you guys getting tickets and coming out,” she says, and opens the show with a power performance of her song Wedding Bells. She showed off her gutsy vocals in Worried About and When I’m Alone, where she marched barefoot to her own beat, her knees hiking up after every chord — apparently I have a penchant for artists who are allergic to shoes.

She wears a green silly band and baggy cuffed jeans like she fell out of an American Apparel advertisement. Her signature tousled blonde hair and beautiful face resemble Blake Lively, had she been a flower child in the ‘60s. “This is our first time playing in Dallas,” she says, noting the places she and her bearded bandmates have recently been, including next-door Dallas treasure, Snuffers. “So, my band and I’ve been overseas basically for the last year, and I was so happy to put my album out, Catching a Tiger, in the US in August,” she pauses to acknowledge all of the congratulatory whistling, “we’ve played, what, San Francisco, LA, we did ACL which was a blast, and Houston, and then here, and this is so great, so we’re really really stoked to be back in the US of A and we’re glad that you guys came out to see us.” A guy in the crowd yells out “I love your smile!” “Aww thank you—thanks,” she coolly responds, and I add her to my cue of “living room artists,” the name designating lax talent who takes the time to acknowledge and respond to their audience. (more…)


Posted by    |    August 20th, 2010 at 11:30 am

“If you’ve ever watched CMT between the hours of 3 and 4 am, you might have seen this music video. Or if you’re a night nurse, or work at Waffle House, you might have seen it too.” The Rich O’Toole Band embraces their status as an up-and-coming act that hasn’t yet had appropriate airtime. They are opening for Rodney Atkins at the Granada Theater, and the plaid-clad crowd is singing along and Jersey Shore fist-pumping to lyrics that resound their life experiences.

Their energy is contagious, and even though I retired my love of country music years ago, (the California kid in me pretends that Lady Danville and the Silversun Pickups are much cooler) I am an instant fan. And it doesn’t hurt that lead singer Rich is a sexy beast.