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SMU Launches National Center for Arts Research

Posted by    |    February 14th, 2013 at 4:56 pm

SMU Meadows School of the Arts Dean Jose Bowen

Jose Bowen, Dean of SMU Meadows School of the Arts

In an effort to advance arts and cultural community, Southern Methodist University and the Cultural Data Project launched the National Center for Arts Research at the Nasher Sculpture Center Tuesday night. The center will be the first of its kind in the nation, not simply curating or creating great works of art, but investigating important issues and challenges faced by the arts in America and working to become the leading provider of data-based insights.


Highland Park Cafeteria to Host George W. Bush Presidential Library Presentation

Posted by    |    January 10th, 2013 at 10:39 am

george w. bush presidential library

What: George W. Bush Presidential Library Presentation

When: Sunday, January 13, 5:00 pm

Where: Highland Park Cafeteria (200 North Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX)

On Sunday, January 13 at 5 pm, the homestyle restaurant will host the Director of the new George W. Bush Presidential Library, Alan C. Lowe, who will give a visual presentation of his plans and mission for the new edition to Southern Methodist University’s campus. In honor of W. and the library, all cafeteria diners will receive his favorite meal: a free chicken pot pie. The library and museum should be open to the public in April 2013.


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Interview With Astronautalis, and Words That Begin With the Letter ‘D’

Posted by    |    September 13th, 2011 at 9:44 pm

I am following Astronautalis around the state of Texas. The St. Paul resident via Seattle by way of Dallas post-Jacksonville indie rapper, née Andy Bothwell, has played multiple shows within miles of my whereabouts over the past few days, and I’ve been getting to know him during the two hour-long catharsis sessions that are his concerts.

If you’re a fan, you already know about his nomad-meets-drifter ways; but if you’re not (yet), well, it’s imperative for you to understand where he comes from in order to envision where he’s going.

Tonight he is performing at Club Dada in Deep Ellum, just after having wrapped a stint at SXSW. A nine-time veteran of the Austin music festival; this year’s showcase marked the first time he was able to perform with a live band, as opposed to the talents of his laptop.

His hair disheveled, Astronautalis works the Dada stage, moving his legs so quickly he appears to be running in place – arms outstretched, like an extra in a zombie movie – as he belts out “The Wondersmith and His Sons [Pomegranate, 2008].” As the song ends, Astronautalis stares at the ground, as if to hold the end of a scene. His eyes still fixated on the floor, he breaks into a wide smile, and Andy looks up, graciously thanking his audience for their applause.

“Let’s do some freestyling, shall we?” Bothwell refers to his signature act, calling upon the audience to suggest random nouns that he will incorporate into a rhyme scheme.

Sweating from a combination of an energizing performance and the Texas heat, he channels Usher, gradually removing his clothing: the suspenders go, then the white button down, all the way to his white undershirt. When he speaks, his vocal fry is tattered and alluring. “They’re pretty awesome, right?” He says of his band, “I’m never going back to the laptop.” (more…)

Falling in love with Guster in the backseat of a car

Posted by    |    April 11th, 2011 at 2:04 pm

“Who is this?” I asked, as “Amsterdam” was heard overhead. It was 2006, and I was crammed in the back of a five-seater with nine other college freshmen.

“This is Guster – how do you not know that?” My friend answered me from the front of the car. She was sitting on someone’s lap, ducking unsuccessfully, as police cars passed the overloaded Jetta. I made a mental note as our designated driver shuttled us from fraternity row to whichever bar was being taken over by SMU students that night.

Guster’s 2003 album Keep It Together continued to play as we followed I-75 to our destination. That night was a particular kind of epic. The kind where the soundtrack is interwoven with each memory. The kind of night that would lead to reminiscing with friends over a 6-pack of Miller Lite in the years to come.  (more…)

The latest trend in shoes? Bare feet.

Posted by    |    April 5th, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Photo courtesy of atticskateshop.comDallasites are looking at the ground today, watching their foot placement, and keeping a keen eye out for dog poo. If you see people running around barefoot, it is not because they left their houses in a late-for-work panic, forgoing shoes to save time. Nor is it because they can’t afford a pair of shoes. These shoeless people can purchase any type of shoe they desire, and they are choosing to be consumers of a certain shoe brand that sends a pair of shoes to a child in need in a one-for-one business model. When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, a pair is sent to a child in need.

Today is the TOMS Shoes annual One Day Without Shoes, where people ditch their kicks to raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes has on a child’s life.

Blake Mycoskie has the experience, drive, and spirit to change the world. Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, he has given away over one million pairs of shoes to children in need. You may be familiar with Mycoskie from his stint on The Amazing Race, where he and his sister lost the million dollar prize by 4 minutes – his fault. “I completely epitomize the cliché [that] men will never ask for directions,” he said of his loss, “my sister still has not forgiven me.”

YouPlusDallas heard Mycoskie speak during his SXSW Keynote presentation, where he described a time before TOMS were the Tory Burch flats of Generation Y. He saw a stranger wearing a bright red pair of his TOMS shoes at the airport, and complimented her choice of footwear. (more…)

Interview with Producer Lee Clay for Dallas International Film Festival film, Beautiful Boy

Posted by    |    March 25th, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Theirs is the story that no parent ever wishes to tell. A married couple on the verge of separation must endure the numbing news that their only son carried out a mass shooting at his University, and took his own life. This is the story of Beautiful Boy, starring Michael Sheen and Maria Bello. YouPlusDallas talks with Producer Lee Clay about his film, which will screen at the Dallas International Film Festival this Spring.

Tell me about your reaction when you found out Beautiful Boy would be screening at DIFF.

I was extremely excited, being from Dallas, I was very happy to be able to kind of bring the movie home, so to speak. Dallas is a great secondary market for distributors, and I feel like this is a movie that will hopefully speak to the Dallas community and possibly shine a light on parenting kids in the Dallas community. (more…)

Astronautalis takes over SXSW and leaves his laptop at home

Posted by    |    March 21st, 2011 at 6:37 pm

With a name like “Easy Tiger,” you’d think the venue would be simple to locate, but you’d be wrong. Found on the far East end of 6th Street, the only signal that we are in the right place is a tiny sign above a doorway that spells out the name in unlit block lettering. A guy in glasses stands below it, texting, and I know YouPlusDallas is at the correct venue. “Of all the artists I am speaking with at SXSW,” I say to the man in horn-rimmed glasses, “I am most interested in talking with you.”

SMU grad Andy Bothwell, known onstage as Astronautalis, is playing his SXSW showcase tonight. Standing before the camera, about to ask a few questions of my fellow Mustang, it looks like we coordinated outfits. “Hey, you guys are both wearing indie clothing,” our cinematographer points out. “Yes, we do look very independent,” Bothwell jokes. I can rally for an artist who pokes fun at the English language even more than I do, which is exactly what Bothwell does for a living. A champion wordsmith, Mr. Wordplay himself, Jason Mraz, is a fan of Bothwell’s verbose styling. (more…)

Motion City Soundtrack smells really good

Posted by    |    December 1st, 2010 at 9:12 pm

The guys of Motion City Soundtrack like to have clean clothes. I know this because my freshman year at SMU, they performed at McFarlin Auditorium, and were later spotted in the Virginia-Snider dorm laundry room washing the tour bus smell out of their Ts. This was very exciting for all of the building residents, and became somewhat of a bragging point in the weeks to come. This memory sticks in my head for two reasons because a) I have an innate curiosity in regard to what would happen if I were to rub a dryer sheet on Justin Pierre’s hair and b) I have no idea how they got in the building without a keycard. While I may never find the answer to either of those inquiries, I did have the privilege to see them perform at the Palladium this past November.

Named one of Spin 25 Best Fall Tours, co-headlining with Say Anything, these guys live up to the title. Their beats will make you jump and wish you had the gusto to crowd surf. Their lyrics are straight out of the doodles in your 9th grade Geometry book. It’s as if they examined your high school soul and wrote about your visible angst from under the microscope of your Chuck Taylor-ridden existence. (more…)

15 minutes with Nelo

Posted by    |    November 8th, 2010 at 9:44 am

Nelo is currently on tour promoting their new album, Ordinary Scene, and we caught up with songwriter and guitarist Matt Ragland, to ask a few questions.

I’ve seen you guys play at the Green Elephant. Tell me, what is the difference between playing at a big name venue like House of Blues versus playing in SMU’s backyard?

It’s an exciting event for us to play at House of Blues, the sound there is really good, and there’s a feeling of importance to the show that I think the band really likes and responds to. On the one hand I think there are benefits to both – there’s an intimacy that I think the band connects to at venues like [the Green Elephant]. I would say the best part of backyard venues is the intimacy – and that’s where we started playing. (more…)