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YouPlusDallas Photo Gallery: Salim Nourallah with Jason Corcoran and Jason Bonner at All Good Café

Posted by    |    September 27th, 2011 at 10:39 pm

Local musicians Salim Nourallah, Jason Corcoran of Gaston Light, and Jason Bonner, formerly of THe BAcksliders, gathered for a songwriter’s round at All Good Café this summer. I’ve seen Nourallah’s name lit up on marquees all around North Texas, except he and I never seem to be at the same venue. So I made him a priority. And for good reason. And the Jasons rounded out my penchant for guitar trios.

Nourallah performed “Western Hills” and “Stranger in My Own Skin” from 2009 album Constellation – the latter packed with heavy imagination and bravery. His distinct voice made the entire evening seemingly go in slow motion, like the part of a movie where the truth comes through a lie.

Nourallah’s fifth solo album, Hit Parade, is completed, and CD and vinyl will be available in the spring of 2012. It is available for download this October 9, when you pledge here.

Corcoran’s relentlessly melancholy lyrics can be heard on his album Peel released on Idol Records last week.

As for Bonner, I’m not so sure what’s going on with his solo career, but he can still rock a mean acoustic guitar. In the meantime, here’s our photo gallery: (more…)

Patio Sessions at AT&T PAC: Hear Live Music For Free and Enjoy the Weather Before it’s in the Triple Digits

Posted by    |    May 5th, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Starting tonight at 5:30pm, AT&T PAC will host Patio Sessions, featuring live music by some favorite local acts, such as Salim Nourallah and Tiger Darrow. FOR FREE. You can even bring your own food and nonalcoholic drinks.

Sponsored by the always awesome DC9 at night, Patio Sessions will occur every Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm, through June 30. Tonight: Bubba Hernandez and Los Super Vatos. Margs will be served in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

AT&T PAC – 2403 Flora Dallas, TX 75201.