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The Trickery of Ryan Bingham

Posted by    |    January 26th, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Facebook is a labyrinth of untruths. A tip off from a friend suggested that Academy Award winner and sexpot, Ryan Bingham, would be performing at The Green Elephant Tuesday night. What? You ask. Why is he not performing at a bigger venue? We riddled ourselves the same question.

The Green Elephant is a vacuous wasteland, aside from Thursday nights between the hours of 11pm-2am respectively, depending on what time they kick the college kids out.

My friends and I checked the Facebook invite that seemingly professed a fact: we would be hearing The Weary Kind about 10 feet away from our eardrums in mere hours. We headed to our former college party scene with hopes of hearing the acclaimed 29-year-old’s whiskey drenched vocals.

While opening band Marc Ford’s Fuzz Machine was actually quite good, come 11pm, we were wondering where Mr. Bingham was. (more…)