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Is Dallas a Misunderstood City?

Posted by    |    December 5th, 2011 at 11:35 am

If you’re from Dallas, you know it’s a pretty cool place. Maybe you love the fact that you can afford a sweet apartment in a safe, classy area and you have enough of your paycheck left over to assemble a fashionable, semi-designer wardrobe. Ah, the price we (don’t) pay to live in a (topographically un-) beautiful city.

If you’re not from Dallas, you probably imagine “Big D” residents riding to work on horseback; their fluffy, big hair flying in the wind beneath a 10-gallon hat accompanied by a (large) matching belt buckle. In your mind, this person, without even uttering a word, has a thick, ‘southern’ accent.

If you live in Dallas, you know this image is merely a stereotype. You know that if horses were present downtown, they’d have to be confined to a tiny, PETA riot-worthy stable, or otherwise suffer the fate of our crazy, rambunctious driving habits. Maybe you’ve never even seen a horse in Dallas. Unless you take riding lessons or something; and even then, you probably have to drive out to a stable in Fort Worth.

Alas, this image is what the media perpetuates. But are we (we being the typical Dallasite) guilty of aiding this stereotype? (more…)

YouPlusDallas Photo Gallery: Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Posted by    |    January 21st, 2011 at 12:29 pm

“Bulls Night Out” at the Forth Worth Stock Show and Rodeo 1.19.2011.