YouPlusDallas Photo Gallery: Kelly Clarkson

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 Kelly Clarkson at Verizon Theater 2.10.12


Kelly Clarkson at Verizon Theater

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Kelly Clarkson DallasKelly Clarkson came back to her hometown and did what she does best . . . perform!

After singing the National Anthem at the 46th NFL Super Bowl in Indianapolis to an estimated 134 million people all over the world, the Pop Superstar arrived here in Texas to a completely packed Verizon Theater audience.

I’ll come right out and say it – the beginning of the show was extremely odd. A video played on a sheer screen, displaying rumors about the “girl next door” being fat, 29 and still single, and losing sponsors. Bizarre, but it definitely got the attention of the audience.

Clarkson emerged in a beautiful purple sequined top accompanied with a red sequin microphone and sang “Dark Side” from her latest album Stronger. It was a rather slow opening song, but she soon came center stage to rock out with “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” which intensified the show’s energy. To my amazement, she followed it up by her early hit single “Since U Been Gone.” (more…)

My Morning Jacket at Verizon Theater

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If (for purposes of this article) the world was ending, and all radio stations were forced to be on the same frequency, My Morning Jacket’s lifeworks would need to emit through the airwaves on repeat. Their songs mirror the gamut of emotions humans would undoubtedly experience as they huddled their families together and drew their final breaths of air.

Last night at Verizon Theater, MMJ rocked (indied/bluesed/folked/electronicaed) the stage in their usual manner, upholding their status as one of the best live band experiences physically possible. They coursed through so many music genres, the show was like witnessing a schizophrenic exhaust his or her personality palette.

The air inside the theater was alarmingly thick with the scent of marijuana and whiskey, a musky combination that could be bottled as ‘Eau de Louisville, KY’, the band’s hometown. The lights were crafted for the under-the-influence audience member, especially during anger-driven track “Holdin On to Black Metal,” where black tadpole-esque creatures mouthed backup vocals on the LED screens behind the band.

My Morning Jacket must be battery operated; there is no other way to bring their raucous energy level and dedication to the art of the jam night after night. The band powered through their set with no need for witty banter between songs. In two hours of playing time, they didn’t miss and eighth note. (more…)

Owl City with Mat Kearney at Verizon Theatre TONIGHT 7.26.11

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Following the success of his album Ocean Eyes, multi-instrumentalist Adam Young, otherwise known under the moniker Owl City, returns with his June release of All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Young mastered his electronica and synthpop sound in his parents’ basement, which sounds kind of miserable, but he’s gone platinum since that time; clearly the days of telling his high school buddies he still lived at home and heeded curfew paid off.

As Ocean Eyes is an album born from the water, All Things takes a deep look at life on land, and the endless adventures that pull him toward the bright and beautiful with a magnetic force. “The stars always seem so pretty,” he sings on “Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust,” a funky imagination stir; something Gene Wilder may have dreamed up. (more…)

Half the initials, all the impact

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This is the most docile event I have attended in the past year. There are no horns blaring in the parking lot. There is no rush to be nearest to the stage. No one has spilled a drink on my feet. The Verizon Theatre crowd at the first and third initials of CSNY is happily chatting mid-beer gulp, and waiting for their adolescent guitar heroes, Graham Nash and David Crosby, to walk the temporarily carpeted stage.

Upon text to my father to inform him of my whereabouts (as he would appreciate my being at a concert he would have attended at my age; his long wavy hair and hippie vest come to mind) his response is a simple, “Old guys rule!”

“There he is!” an excited audience member yells out as Crosby emerges from the wings, followed by a barefoot Nash. The crowd rose to their feet before either one of them played a note. The two living legends, 50 feet in front of me, should be on display in some hall of fame glass case, next to Olympians, and those who EGOT. (more…)