“Captain Phillips” Review: A Real Life Heroic Tale

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Captain Phillips is more than worth a trip to the theaters as director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93) creates an intense, emotional film based on the book, “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea”. Featuring an incredible performance from Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips, this film dramatically tells the events of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. Maersk Alabama cargo ship and shows the brave actions of Phillips as he tries to keep himself and his crew alive during a dangerous crisis.

CP1The film begins on an ordinary morning in 2009 as Captain Richard Phillips prepares for a routine trip at sea aboard the MV Maersk Alabama cargo ship. Known to most of the boat workers, ships traveling through the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia can be susceptible to pirate attacks, and thus there are certain regulations and emergency instructions to follow in the case of an attack. While practicing a mock emergency drill, Phillips notices two small boats several miles behind the ship that seem to be quickly closing the gap between them and the cargo ship. Once the boats are close enough to see, Phillips realizes they are carrying armed, Somali pirates. Following their emergency protocols, the crew is able to hold off the first attack, and with nightfall approaching, the pirates are forced to abandon their pursuit for the time being. The next day, four of the pirates catch up to the ship, and this is where the intensity reaches a new level, as the crew must do their best to protect the ship while staying alive. (more…)

Update: Big Tex Returns Sooner than Expected

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So earlier this week I was all hyped up about how Friday (today) was going to be the big day in which the Texas State Fair would be revealing the new Big Tex to the world. Well strike that because according to state fair officials high winds caused them to unveil the local icon a day earlier than expected. So here he is, all shiny and new and ready to greet you with a “howdy”.


He didn’t get quite the party everyone was hoping for but its good to finally  have him back up front where he belongs.

Photo by Amy Silverstein courtesy of the DallasObserver.com

The Texas State Fair Starts this Weekend and Big Tex Returns!

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It’s that time of year again people, Texas State Fair time! Yes the fried food, fair rides and entertainment is back to make us full and happy again. But this weekend doesn’t just mark the beginning of the 2013 Texas State Fair, it also marks the return of our beloved Big Tex! Since his untimely (but not ultimate) demise last October Texas State Fair officials have been working tirelessly to return Big Tex to his rightful place at the front of the fair, greeting visitors with a howdy and that endearingly creepy smile.

This Friday, September 27th, Big Tex will be reintroduced to the world and all will be right with the Texas State Fair as we stroll through the attractions munching on deep fried chocolate chip burritos (yes everyone that’s a new item on the State Fair food list, prepare yourself). Also don’t miss the Opening Day Parade going on at noon that day. Here you can enjoy drill teams,  colorful floats and all types of parade stuff to get you into the fair going spirit.


DMA’s Studio Creations presents: Armor and Accessories

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This past weekend the anime/japanese pop culture loving fanatics of North Texas converged onto the Hilton Anatole from May 31st to June 4th for A-Kon 24. A-kon is similar to other conventions such as Comic Con or Texas Frightmare Weekend, in which people get together to bond in their fandom while enjoying vendors, panel discussions, screenings, photo ops  and dance parties. Everyone knows one of the best things about these conventions is when people’s love for a character inspires them to become that character with the help of awesome costumes and makeup. While dressing up is a common practice at conventions you haven’t seen anything until you see what attendees of A-kon have got in the way of costume skills.

More commonly known as Cosplay, people often spend all year perfecting their costumes for A-kon making sure every detail is painstakingly attended to, transforming themselves into perfect replicas of their favorite characters.


A-kon 2012


A-kon 2012



If you’ve ever been to A-kon costume-less and gazed longingly at the wonderfully crafted wings and robot armor and wondered “omg, how can I do that?” then the DMA has got something you’ll want to check out this Saturday, June 8th called Armor and Accessories. Drawing inspiration from, you’ll learn how to make your own pieces of armor or jewelry using craft foam and other simple materials while learning the story behind this incredible sculpture piece.

Takenouchi no Sukune Meets the Dragon King of the Sea

Takenouchi no Sukune Meets the Dragon King of the Sea

Even though A-kon has already come and gone for 2013 this is the perfect time to start planning that dream costume for 2014 and the DMA is the perfect place to start learning how you’re going to bring it into reality. With great inspiration from Takenouchi no Sukune Meets the Dragon King of the Sea and all it’s amazing textures and details all you cosplay newbs can get started on your own set of robot armor or demon sword with a whole year to make it perfect.

When: Saturday, June 8th @ 1pm, 2pm or 3pm 

Where: C3 Art Studio

Cost: Free; Limited to the first thirty-six participants. Pick up tickets outside the Art Studio in C3 thirty minutes before each workshop begins



24-Hour Video Race Official Press Release: Race Winners Announced

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For immediate release

12th Annual 24-Hour Video Race

Race Winners Announced

The 12th annual 24-Hour Video Race ended Monday night, May 20, with teams piled into the Angelika Film Center-Dallas for final judging.

Bart Weiss, Video Association of Dallas’ Artistic Director, said, “I was amazed at the level of creativity in the city from such a diverse group of filmmakers. From nearly every sector of the city, and from various age groups, the ways these makers reinterpreted our prompts were inspiring.”

“It is amazing what can these teams can create in just 24 hours, and it was a tough job for our judges to evaluate them,” Weiss concluded. “There were twice as many high school teams in the past 2 years with 24 teams competing, comprised of more than 125 kids, in the student division, Pixelvision. Some came from as far away as Mansfield.”

The finals judges were broken up in to two shifts this year.  The judges for Pixelvision (High School), Futurevision (College) and Auteur (a single member) categories included Casey Gooden, producer of UPSTREAM COLOR and PRIMER; CultureMap Dallas’ associate arts and entertainment editor, Alex Bentley; Steve Alford, president of Alford Media Services, Inc.; and Lee Papert, President and CEO of the Dallas Film Society.

Judging the Guerilla (2-5 members) and Hollywood (6-plus members) categories were Angie Bolling, “Mrs. Robocop” in all three ROBOCOP movies; Erin Prather Stafford, executive producer of the winner of VideoFest 25 Documentary: WONDER WOMEN! THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICAN SUPERHEROINES; Ya’ke Smith, award-winning filmmaker of WOLF, and Paul Salfen, Dallas-based editor and media entrepreneur, host of “Drew Pearson Show” on Fox Sports, managing editor of Flavorpill Dallas, and the entertainment and travel editor for ScoreBoard.

The participants had 24 hours to make a video, which was required to include the following elements:

Theme – Recycling

Prop – Phone Book

Line of Dialogue – “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Location – B_G: the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau’s new brand campaign recognizing locals as the catalyst behind making “BIG Things Happen in Dallas.” (more…)

Top Weekend Activities

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I’m so glad that bout of angry weather we had Wednesday didn’t stick around for this weekend, there’s just too much fun stuff to do! Here are my top picks for this weekend, and if by some miracle you can make it all of them (which is possible), you’ll have yourself one heck of a perfect weekend.

1.First the biggest and nerdiest: DALLAS COMIC CON! May 17-19 


Awww yeah! The annual Dallas Comic Con/SciFi Expo is back this year at the Irving Convention Center  and it’s going to be three days full of everything your little nerd heart could ever want want. Vendors, costumes,celebrity photo ops and autograph signings galore will fill the Irving convention center to the brim, making it quite possible that you’ll go in on Friday and not come back out until Sunday.  Before you dive into the sea of fan boys and girls here are a couple of things that are a couple of things that are going to be kind of a big deal this year at Dallas Comic Con.



1. Celebrity photo ops and autograph signings with William Shatner and Nathan Fillion


Two of the finest captains to ever command a spaceship will be on site to sign your memorabilia and take a photos with you, make sure to wipe the sweat off your palms before you go in for a handshake or a hug.

2. For the comic book guys and gals: John Romita, Jr. and Arthur Suydam

It’s going to be a good day for super hero and zombie fans. Attending this year’s comic con and signing autographs are John Romita, Jr. and Arthur Suydam, two of the comic book world’s most recognized artists. John Romita, Jr. is most well known to folks as the illustrator and co-creator of the comic book Kick-Ass while Arthur Suydam is the award winning artist of both The Walking Dead comic book series and Marvel Zombies (he has appropriately been dubbed the zombie king), and as if meeting him wasn’t enough Mr.Suydam will also be doing FREE sketches for comic con attendees 16 and younger (omg! free amazing art!).











Like I said these are only a couple of things that are happening this weekend up at Comic Con. Aside from the awesome people watching there will be no shortage of cool stuff to do and see, have a look at the official schedule and see.


{Photo Gallery} Preservation Dallas Achievement Awards 2013

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Texas Frightmare Weekend is Upon Us – Plan Accordingly

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If you haven’t already read Samantha’s list of Frightmare highlights, go do that now, and then prepare yourself for America’s tfw 2013largest gathering of horror celebrities, professionals, and fans. Thousands of horror junkies will be attending the eighth annual Texas Frightmare Weekend along with celebrity guests like Tom Skeritt and Veronica Cartwright, Danny Trejo, Virginia Madsen, the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Marilyn Burns, Gary and Jake Busey, and many more.

The weekend has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings in the Grapevine Convention Center. The tremendous turnout throughout the years led last year’s move to the Hyatt Regency inside DFW with 93,000 square feet compared to the 23,500 square feet at the Grapevine Convention Center. But not everyone had as much faith in Texas Frightmare Weekend (which will henceforth be known as TFW) according to festival owner Loyd Cryer.

“When we first started, everyone told us that we’d never be able to pull off a horror convention in Texas,” Cryer said. “Texas is the ultimate red state, and we were told that not enough people would go to a horror convention.”


Dallas Does Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is one of the better days out of the year. I’d group it in a collection of days that includes (but is not limited to) St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day: all good days for drinking without a hidden agenda, necessary gift buying, or any underlying need to call your relatives. The only concern: where to spend it. Here’s a list of margarita friendly events throughout the weekend.

Mattitos: 10th annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration – bull riding, tequilla tastings, games, prizes, cap guns and a zip line with music by the Monco Poncho starting at 6 p.m.

mattitos cinco de mayo

The Blue Goose Cantina: Dos XX & Tecates for $2


Weekend Plan of Action {April 20-21}

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As I type, the opening ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center is taking place at SMU, so it’s a pretty good weekend for Dallas already. But for those who like to plan ahead, there are plenty of activities to get you out and about on this gorgeous weekend.

Thrift Studio 2013 thrift studio 2013

When: Begins Friday, April 19

Remember the sheer joy you experienced when Gilt City brought their online selection to the Dallas Contemporary in February? If Gilt is your go to for the latest fashions, its home décor counterpart would have to be One Kings Lane. That feeling of sheer joy is about to come back in a big way.

Dwell with Dignity, a Dallas-based non-profit organization founded by interior designers dedicated to creating inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty, is partnering with One Kings Lane, the leading online destination for the home, for Dwell with Dignity’s biannual fundraiser, Thrift Studio.

The thirty-day pop-up shop offers spectacular values on gently used furniture, housewares, accessories, and designer finds presented in beautifully styled vignettes by designers like Horchow, Peacock Alley, Studio Ten 25, William-Christopher Design and more.