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Dallas POPS brings Disney lovers a concert series they won’t want to miss

Posted by    |    June 28th, 2013 at 4:21 pm

For those of you who aren’t really into concertos and going to see the symphony Dallas POPS is here to show that orchestral performances can be something the whole family can enjoy. While their whole 2013 lineup  looks great it’s this year’s Disney Concert Series that’s going to be the most fun because not only is Disney known for their phenomenal animation but their musical scores are just as incredible. This year at the Fair Park Music Hall Dallas POPS is giving you the unique experience of hearing those famous Disney scores played live while one of Disney’s animated classics plays on a larger than life movie theater screen.

1.PIXAR in Concert, July 13th

In this first installment of the Disney Concert Series Dallas POPS will be performing to clips from some of your favorite Pixar classics such as Toy Story, Cars, Brave, Up, The Incredible’s and more.Pixar lo res art

2. Disney In Concert, November 30th 

For all of us who grew up watching Beauty and the Best, Aladin and Lion this night will be really special with clips from these and other being shown with the live accompaniment of Dallas POPS along with broadway caliber  vocalist there to belt out the ballads.



“White House Down” Review: Unimpressively Entertaining

Posted by    |    June 28th, 2013 at 3:59 pm

I recently attended a screening of Roland Emmerich’s (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) newest project, White House Down, and I was expectantly unimpressed. In short, it’s an under-performing, over-the-top, dramatic action-flick, but with a refreshing balance of humor and action. The only things White House Down delivers on is weak, unrealistic action and cheap thrills, but at the end of the day, it is a simple crowd pleaser.

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in White House Down

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in White House Down

While visiting the White House for a secret service interview, Capitol Policemen, John Cale (Channing Tatum) and his daughter, Emily (Joey King), end up on a White House tour at the same time the White House falls under attack. When a heavily armed military group overtakes the complex, Cale must save the president, his daughter, and ultimately the country. White House Down begins already feeling mediocre, but quickly escalates to unrealistic action sequences, weak special effects, and a gap-filled storyline. (more…)

“World War Z” Review: The Zombie Trend Continues

Posted by    |    June 21st, 2013 at 11:16 am

In recent years, audiences have seen a trend in entertainment involving zombies, which has spawned zombie-filled films and TV shows. Most of these creative presentations involve the spread of a disease, epidemic, or infection of the human race, causing those infected to turn into dead, mindless creatures wondering around and attacking those left alive.  In Brad Pitt’s newest film, World War Z, this trend has been taken to the next level as a zombie pandemic has broken out on a global scale, toppling armies and governments, and threatening human existence.

Picture of Brad Pitt in World War Z. Courtesy of Google Images

Picture of Brad Pitt in World War Z. Courtesy of Google Images

When a disease breaks out in the world and begins to create hordes of “zombies”, former United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt) is recruited to try and find a solution. As a former crisis management specialist, Lane quickly battles through the unknown to try and save the world and most of all, his wife and kids. World War Z is an entertaining, decent film with a structured story, character driven plot, and contains large-scale, intense action and special effects. This film clearly delivers with a multitude of thrilling scares, is intelligently executed, and is the kind of terrifying, riveting, real-world depiction that really makes you think, what if this happened to me? (more…)

“Man of Steel” Movie Review: Welcome to the Club!

Posted by    |    June 14th, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Man of Steel, the latest reboot in a series of large, blockbuster reinventions, completely knocks it out of the park, telling the origins of Superman and recreating a popular comic book hero. From Zach Snyder, David Goyer, and Christopher Nolan, Man of Steel has absolutely everything Superman fans could ask for and so much more. The quality of this film is so good that there is no doubt this franchise will go in the same direction as Nolan’s “Batman” series or the vast collection of recent Marvel films (Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, etc.).

Courtesy of WB Pictures

Courtesy of WB Pictures

Man of Steel starts fresh and offers a unique, darker interpretation of the Superman story. When a far away planet known as Krypton is facing extinction and destruction, one of the planet’s scientists, Jor-El, sends his baby son Kal-El to Earth along with a piece of Krypton in hopes of someday creating a new planet. When a small town couple finds the crashed alien ship in Kansas, they take in the baby and raise him as their own. Given the Earth name, Clark Kent, Clark struggles to fit in and adapt to superhuman special abilities. After some time on Earth, Clark finds an abandoned alien ship buried in the ice and activates the ship’s systems, alerting a group of military prisoners from Krypton who have managed to escape their planet’s destruction. Once the prisoners locate Clark on Earth, the audience sees the aftermath of an alien invasion and discovers whether or not the human race will accept Clark as one of their own. Meanwhile, Clark must make his own decision whether to save Earth or help the prisoners destroy the planet to recreate Krypton. (more…)

The Day of dads is upon us! Show him how much you love him with some beer, movies and boxing

Posted by    |    June 13th, 2013 at 5:06 pm

This weekend isn’t just any weekend, it’s Fathers Day weekend and as we all know for some mysterious reason getting something for dad is always a little more difficult than getting something for mom. Let me ease that difficulty a little here by giving you a couple of fun things going on in Dallas this weekend that will definitely dad tested and approved.


1. Community Beer Company’s Father’s Day Beer School.


This Saturday from noon to 2pm at Community Beer Company  you and your dad learn something together! Whether you’re dad just like’s to chill Hank Hill style with his buddies or he’s on the verge creating his own craft beer, this fun and informative lesson on beer will make him appreciate that bottle of brew even more.

The curriculum will include:

-History of beer

-Beer styles and samples

-Tasting techniques

-Ingredients and brewing process

Tickets are 25$ per person and include a brewery tour right after class.

2. Free tie from at Q Custom Clothier

From now until the 16th Q Custom Clothier located in the West Village,  will be giving customers a free tie with every gift card purchase. More of a gift idea than an event you can attend together (unless your dad is of the rare ones that likes to shop for clothing) and yes I know giving your dad a tie on father’s day is a little cliche, but it will be a really nice tie plus the gift card you get that allows you to receive the tie.

Q tyeez


3. HBO Boxing After Dark 


What better way to bond with your pops than watching two guys duke it out for the world featherweight championship on the American Airlines Center’s giant stadium screens this Saturday.Doors are at 6 with the live broadcast beginning at 7pm, more info on the fighters and ticket prices here.

4. The Asador’s Day of Fun for Dad


What your dad can expect from the Asador on sunday is pretty much summed up in the title of this special Fathers Day event. If your dad likes golf, cocktails, food and cigar then this is where he’ll want to because the Asador offering a day full activities that include all these elements. The day will start with a mixology lesson and a cigar rolling lesson from Cigar Art. After sipping cocktails dads and guests will ride a golf cart to Hank Haney Driving Range where where dad can get a few swings in with a bucket of balls before he heads back up to the Asador for a hearty lunch prepared by Chef Brad Philips. The event is 50$ and reservations can be made by calling 214-267-4815.

5. Superman



How perfect that The Man of Steel comes out this weekend, just in time for father’s day. Treat your dad to one of the most anticipated action movies of the year starring probably one his favorite childhood heroes.




“This Is The End” Movie Review: One of the Best Comedies of All Time

Posted by    |    June 12th, 2013 at 10:46 am

I recently got a chance to see This Is The End, and writing a review on this unique film was actually somewhat difficult. It is a stupid and vulgar waste of an hour and a half for non-moviegoers, but pure entertainment with inappropriate and hilarious comedy for fans of these actors and those who enjoy crude humor and mindless gags. This Is The End was directed and created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and features actors and real life friends, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and more, in one of the wildest and inventive comedies of all time.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

The first thing to note is that all of the aforementioned actors, as well as the supporting cast, play exaggerated versions of their real life selves in the film. This Is The End begins with Jay (Baruchel) arriving in Los Angeles to visit his long time friend, Seth (Rogen). They quickly plan out their night and decide to go to a party at James Franco’s house, where we see a lot of familiar faces, including most of the main cast as well as popular celebrities like Rihanna, Michael Cera, Emma Watson, and so on. After a series of unusual and catastrophic events leave L.A. devastated, six friends, mentioned above, find themselves trapped in Franco’s house. From this point on, it’s very apparent that this group of friends and the filmmakers are going to push the limits of this film and the generous R rating this movie was given. (more…)

The Internship: Have Fun at Work

Posted by    |    June 10th, 2013 at 12:39 pm

Shawn Levy’s The Internship is a fun, entertaining, and pleasantly different kind of film. At its core, The Internship is basically an elaborate commercial for Google, as the movie places Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as Google interns, living and working at the Google campus in California. Unlike other product placements, the film is completely consumed with Google advertisements, products, places, and more. The Internship is unique in that it combines older generations with newer “tech” generations and places them together in a comedic, Google-filled environment.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

After losing their jobs as salesmen, Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) find themselves desperately searching for a job, quickly realizing that they are “dinosaurs” who are inexperienced and under qualified for the new digital age. They soon stumble upon an opportunity as Google interns, where they must compete with a group of young, tech-savvy geniuses for a chance at real employment. Once at Google, Billy and Nick struggle to fit in and understand their surroundings, where they are matched with a group of fellow interns in a contest to see whom the smartest team is. The Internship creates an amusing and humorous situation as Billy and Nick’s old school ways clash with the smarts of the younger, knowledgeable interns. (more…)

Rat Pack with Johnny Carson

Posted by    |    June 8th, 2013 at 12:18 pm

This show was filmed in June, 1965 at the Kiel Opera House in St Louis. Johnny Carson hosted the Tonight Show from the opera house that evening. The Rat Pack was playing Vegas, but visited.

Carson sang in public and Quincy Jones was there, conducting the Count Basie band; he is visible in the background.


Summer at the Perot Museum

Posted by    |    June 6th, 2013 at 2:47 pm

summer - perot museum

Science museums have a way of bringing the kid out in anyone, and the very first summer of the Perot Museum’s existence will be no different. From eco-friendly exhibits and 3D films to exciting events and an array of programs, visitors will have plenty of reasons for coming back time and time again this summer.

“Whether this is your first visit or your 10th visit to the Perot Museum, this summer will offer plenty that’s new and exciting,” said Nicole G. Small, Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer of the Perot Museum.



Get Your Summer Fix of Classic Flicks at the Highland Park Film Festival

Posted by    |    June 3rd, 2013 at 3:48 pm

highland park film festival

courtesy of

How fun is this!? The Dallas Film Society has paired up with the Highland Park Centennial Committee to bring you beloved classic  films all summer long. Each of the six films that will be screened has been handpicked as a movie that best captures cinema of the last 100 years.

The Highland Park Film Festival is part of Highland Park’s year-long centennial celebration. The summer-long series kicks off Monday, June 3 with Lawrence of Arabia at the Highland Park Village Theater at 7:00 p.m. and will continue throughout the first and third Monday of June, July, and August.