Dutch EDM Act, Showtek, at Lizard Lounge this Friday – Standing is Not an Option

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showtek lizard lounge Showtek, a Dutch EDM act consisting of two brothers, Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, have been making an impact on the party music scene since they first started producing music in 2011. Their-over-the-top performances, collaborations with big names like Tiesto, and cartoon alter egos (don’t you want a cartoon alter ego now?) have helped them land not only land a spot on the charts worldwide, but command it. Catch these party-loving brothers at Lizard Lounge this Friday, February 8. You do not want to miss these guys.


CC: You guys are considered ambassadors for the global EDM scene and have worked with names like David Guetta, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki. What do you consider the key to your success as a group?

Showtek: We think our success is that we do what we love, both producing wise and DJ-ing. For producing we’ve already made a wide variety of music, in the past and at the moment, producing EDM and Pop gives us much inspiration for our own music. During our stage performances we bring a very energetic live experience, with Wouter behind the decks and Sjoerd on the microphone , we bring much adrenaline to the crowd. All these combinations bring us to a refreshing experience every time, all around the world.  And most important thing is that we are bloodbrothers and not like many other brothers, we have a really good relationship together. We started as a team when we were younger, both have our own talents and grew into this together. That’s the key to our success.


 CC: How did the collaboration with Tiesto come about? 

Showtek: We met Tijs during a studio session with Marcel Woods. They were working on a track together and as we always co-produce the music we were part of the team. We had a great click so one thing came to another. In Ibiza we met again and we decided to help Tijs with some of his music as well as for his side project called Allure. So last year we were in the studio together and we created this great song together and we said; let’s do this one together as Tiesto & Showtek. And one of us said; Hell yeah! so that’s how the track came together. We were already working on a new sound but we couldn’t really bring out into the world. So this collab was the perfect first step into our new sound!

showtek lizard lounge

CC: What was your favorite part about working with Tiesto?

Showtek: He is probably the most experienced musician in the world. He has been traveling the world like no one else has, so he really knows what’s happening in the business. He just knows what to do, when to do it and how it should sound. And besides that, he is a really cool guy. We had some great parties with him till late in the morning and it has been a great experience so far working with a guy like that. Of course, we are Dutch guys, we are very down to earth but it’s an honor to work with them. It’s also some kind of highlight because it means we deliver good shizzle in EDM. More to come though… 🙂


CC: I love the Baldy and Cresty series. Can you tell me a little more about how that came to be?

Showtek: Baldy and Cresty are our cartoon alter egos, the episodes warm up for the next Crazy Collab. If you see a new Baldy & Cresty episode on our VIP section on our website, you can usually guess who the next collab will be with due the hints worked out in the movies. Next to that, our pet and our manager brighten up their adventures with a funny twist. Also the episodes tell the story behind the collaborations, how we met or how the track came together, it seems the fans love it!


CC: You guys are such a success internationally. What do you think it is about your music that appeals to such a universal audience?

Showtek: Well we have a very diverse sound, still accessible to a large crowd and in the same time it’s party music. It’s very melodic, it contains lots of vocals and it’s a bit rocky so it’s a combination of everything. We also created our own way of mixing our music and we just found a way to create our own Showtek sound. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments from colleague artists who totally dig our sound.


CC: What do you like about performing in Dallas?

Showtek: Last time we played there it was craaazzzyy! When we entered the club people were screaming like they saw Michael Jackson coming in! Yeah, Dallas knows how to rage, we cant wait to party there!


CC: I understand your shows are a big production. Why do you think Dallasites will love your performance at Lizard Lounge?

Showtek: The intimacy, craziness, good tunes and some high-energy performance… standing still is not an option!! The new style Showtek tunes will blow the speakers!


CC: What’s next for you guys? Any big collaborations on the horizon?

Showtek: We’ve got some nice collaborations coming up, some new talents and some known producers, but we can’t tell you everything. There is one song coming up with the Noisecontrollers, which is a really cool song. As people know we changed our style of music a bit lately, but this track is a combination of the old and new Showtek! Next to that we would love to work with Knife Party or Skrillex. Their tracks are so perfect in mixdown and their arrangements are really refreshing, Dada Life would be cool to by the way. But for now, that’s just some brainstorming.


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