Bryan Adams “Exposed” Hits the Goss-Michael Foundation 12.18.12

Posted by    |    December 18th, 2012 at 1:29 pm

BADAMSjagger3smallerMost know Bryan Adams from his career as an internationally chart topping musician with giant hits like Summer of ’69 and Run to You. Well come to find out (or maybe you already knew) Bryan Adams is not only an extremely talented musician he is also an extremely talented photographer. Adams has spent the last 12 years developing and honing his photographic skills capturing intimate portraits of his friends and colleagues in the fashion, entertainment and art world. Lindsay Lohan, Mick Jagger, Judi Dench, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Queen Elizabeth II are only a few of the great personalities he has captured in his photographs.

This past October Adams released his book entitled Exposed, which contains a comprehensive collection of Adams’ photographic work over the past several years.  Beginning December 18th 46 images selected from the Adams’ book will be put on public display at the Goss-Michael Foundation as part of a three-city art gallery tour.

Mary Ann Prior, executive director for City Arts Center says that she is “delighted to partner with the Goss-Michael Foundation and Crossover to bring this exhibition to the American Southwest. Bryan Adams’ photographs of distinguished personalities from the world of fashion, art and music precisely mirror the major public preoccupations of the 21st century.  ‘Exposed’ comprises work that is accessible but challenging, offering the audience a creative tension of sorts,” said. “It’s my aim to form connections – between art and the individual, between viewing and learning, between the easily understandable and the unfamiliar – and this exhibition does it on all levels.” (via)

So often we see the famous subjects of Bryan Adam’s photography in the context of magazines or television where our perceptions of them are heavily influenced by the written text and media that surrounds them. This exhibition offers the public a chance to view these celebrities away from all the media influences, allowing the viewers to see a glimpse of them beyond their celebrity personae.

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