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“Hitchcock” Review: A Peek into the Mind of Alfred Hitchcock

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Hitchcock is a wild and comedic drama starring Anthony Hopkins as the womanizing, alcoholic visionary and well-known filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock.  The film takes a unique look at the life of Alfred Hitchcock during the making of Psycho, one of his most famous films and arguably his best.  Hitchcock is fairly entertaining and follows an amusing story line centered on a vastly influential character.

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Hitchcock begins and ends with Alfred Hitchcock (Hopkins) speaking directly to the audience.  In this film, Hitchcock is also known as “Hitch”, which ironically describes the “unhitched” nature of the movie itself. The movie takes place in 1959 during the time Alfred Hitchcock filmed Pyscho, a scary thriller about a disturbed murderer.  Hitchcock uses suspense and other techniques similar to an Alfred Hitchcock movie, increasing the allure.  The film also shows much of the personal life of Alfred Hitchcock, including a love story and complex relationship with his wife Alma Reville (Mirren), his obsession with the blondes he casts in his films, and the brilliant mind and inspiration behind Hitchcock’s Pyscho. (more…)

Casa Dragones and Dallas Contemporary Unveil Limited Edition Tequila Bottle

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Casa Dragones’ Gabriel Orozco Special Edition Bottle

On Wednesday evening, November 28, Bertha González Nieves and Dallas Contemporary Executive Director Peter Doroshenko invited special guests to an exclusive preview of the Casa Dragones’ Gabriel Orozco Special Edition Bottle at the home of art collectors Mark and JoAnne Giambrone. Casa Dragones Tequila has become known for supporting museums, galleries and artist around the world, including acclaimed Mexican contemporary artist Gabriel Orozco. In honor of his retrospective tour, which was held in four leading museums through 2011 including the MoMA and the Tate Modern, Orozco paired with Casa Dragones to create the special edition bottle engraved with Orozco’s iconic Black Kites motif which was featured in Dallas on Wednesday night.

Casa Dragones’ Gabriel Orozco Special Edition Bottle

“Our collaboration with Gabriel Orozco marks an extremely exciting moment for Casa Dragones as we celebrate Mexican contemporary art and Mexican craftsmanship with the world,” said Bertha González Nieves, Co-Founder and CEO of Casa Dragones Tequila.


Carrie Underwood to Play Maria in “Sound of Music” Remake

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Wait. A Sound of Music remake? And it’s live? This is one of those classic movie remakes that I’m really on the fence about. I’m definitely nervous  to see my favorite musically gifted German fam updated and recast, but I’m excited to see Carrie Underwood play the leading role. Plus live TV is so   exciting. Something tells me Julie Andrews would approve.

Although Carrie’s not the first Idol alum to try their hand at acting, I have no idea if Carrie can actually pull this off. Apparently she’s appeared on “How I Met Your Mother,” but so did Britney Spears.

The NBC musical will be playing on a television near you during the 2013 holiday season.

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AMC Theatres® and Indomina Releasing To Show Sundance Film “LUV” Through The AMC Independent Program

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Common and Michael Rainey Jr. topline a cast that includes Dennis Haysbert, Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton and Meagan Good in Sheldon Candis’s Directorial Debut in Theaters January 18, 2013

Los Angeles, CA – November 28, 2012 AMC Theatres® (AMC) and Indomina Releasing are proud to announce the upcoming film LUV will play exclusively at AMC locations around the country through the AMC Independent program.   Through a unique partnership that will see Sheldon Candis’s acclaimed Sundance film released on January 18, exclusively in AMC Theaters nationwide, LUV will receive support from AMC including marketing and promotional efforts.

LUV, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, is a gritty and touching portrait about a boy and his uncle set within 24 hours on the rough streets of Baltimore.  The film is directed by Candis, written by Candis and Justin Wilson and stars Common, Michael Rainey Jr., Charles S. Dutton, Meagan Good, Marc John Jefferies, Lonette McKee, Michael Kenneth Williams, Tracey Heggins with Dennis Haysbert and Danny Glover. The movie also features the music of hip hop recording artist Blaqstarr. (more…)

Reality Bites

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This could happen.  Really.

Get Your Legwarmers and Jellies Ready: Granada Presents Totally 80s with Le Cure

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What:          Totally 80’s with Le Cure

When:         December 27, 2012

Where:       Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, 75206


I could try to come up with some witty opening paragraph filled with beloved 80s references and like, totally rad 80s slang, but as I am a child of the 90s (barely missing the decade by 7 days) I would have no clue what I was talking about. So I’ll let this press release, written by someone presumably 7 days older than me, speak for itself.


Holiday Cheer

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Southfork Ranch Welcomes the Public for Larry Hagman’s Memorial

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larry hagman southfork ranch

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It seems only fitting that Larry Hagman’s memorial be held at Southfork Ranch. The historic site was a home away from home for the recently deceased actor who had reportedly planned a outing there on the day of his death. The event will be free and open to the public, who can leave notes and flowers throughout the home on Sunday, December 2, 2012.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Texas homestead will offer complimentary tours from 2 to 4 p.m. followed by a memorial reception during which guests can sign a memorial book dedicated to Hagman.


Snap Out of Your Food Coma: Bettye LaVette and Bob Schneider at the Kessler This Week

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We may all still be winding down from our Thanksgiving slothness, but the Kessler has been hard at work putting together two amazing shows for the week ahead.

thankful n' thoughtfulThe first, Bettye LaVette, takes place this Thursday, November 29 with Bobby Patterson opening. The R&B legend marks her 50th anniversary with THANKFUL N’ THOUGHTFUL, a mesmerizing album produced by Craig Street (Norah Jones, Joe Henry, k.d. lang, Meshell Ndegeocello, John Legend, Charlie Sexton, etc.).

According to the Kessler, the album contains a selection of contemporary tracks written and previously recorded by Bob Dylan, The Black Keys, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Patty Griffin, Gnarls Barkley and others, which BETTYE consumes whole, rearranges deep within her soul and exorcises as her own through her voice filled with longing, rage, desire, despair, survival and victory. BETTYE’s voice is both rough and sensuous and has become her instrument of inspiration. Her dynamic power seethes throughout each song, wrings out the pathos, and shares her hard earned wisdom and story throughout these tales of her reinvention.


“Red Dawn” Review: An Average Remake

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Red Dawn is a combat-filled movie about survival and fighting to save your home.  Starring Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this film takes a fairly realistic look at what it would be like to defend your town from foreign enemies.  In spite of feeling like one of Michael Bay’s “Transformersfilms with wild explosions and untamed special effects,  Red Dawn turns out to be a very enjoyable film.

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Red Dawn begins like a typical small town, high school flick but quickly turns into action-packed, all out war with numerous casualties on both sides.  After a small town is attacked and taken over by North Korea, a group of young kids must ban together to fight back to save their town and rescue their friends and family.  Fortunately for the group of kids, Jed Eckert (Hemsworth) has just come home from Iraq and is readily prepared to fight.  After witnessing the town’s destruction and the death of some of those closest to him, Eckert puts together and trains a group of teenage soldiers in hopes of causing enough chaos for the North Koreans to make a difference.  Most of the teenage fighting is played out like guerrilla warfare, using surprise elements, sabotage, and tactical measures necessary to defeat a larger opponent. (more…)