Ex-Girlfriends Will Premiere at the 2012 Austin Film Festival

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Fans of Cabin in the Woods and/or Dexter rejoice; there’s a cute looking movie coming out soon with Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) and Kristen Connolly (redhead from Cabin). Ex-Girlfriends is set to have its feature-length debut at the Austin Film Festival on Saturday, October 20.

In keeping with a new trend that I am loving (I love anything I don’t have to get out of bed for), Ex-Girlfriends will also have a cable and broadband VOD release when it is released theatrically in NYC on November 27 that includes everyone from Comcast and Time Warner Cable to iTunes and Amazon Instant View through FilmBuff.

The film’s leading man, director, and writer is Alexander Poe, a younger, possibly cuter version of Jason Segal who recently graduated from Columbia and (fun fact) was the assistant to director Donald Petrie on the Lindsay Lohan film, Just My Luck.

The movie is a comedy/drama about three New Yorkers struggling to uncover the truth behind their romantic entanglements. Disheartened by his latest relationship catastrophe, Graham (Poe) attempts to rekindle the spark with his ex-girlfriend, Laura (Connolly). In the attempt to win her back Graham discovers that Laura and yet another one of his exes (Carpenter) are dating the same guy (Noah Bean, “Damages”).

Just going off that description alone probably wouldn’t be enough for you to want to download it on iTunes, but the cast looks amazingly talented and it was shot guerrilla style which is what a lot of independent films do so that they can shoot in certain locations without getting permission. It’s impressive to say the least. The picture below was from a scene shot in Grand Central Station before they got kicked out.

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